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Is legit? No, it isn’t. You might think it is because it looks and acts like a Canadian pharmacy. But that just goes to show you that the owner is a great liar. He has done such an amazing job of acting Canadian that some unsuspecting consumers may believe it. But that would be a mistake.

Read more » Reviews – One Big Lie Reviews – Disaster Can Happen is Russian. They sell medicine, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at their domain name. To be clear, their name and Russian origins are not the worst of their problems. The more you dig, the easier it becomes to dismiss them as a fraudulent platform.

Read more » Reviews – Disaster Can Happen Reviews – Messy, Vague and Poorly Constructed is an internet pharmacy from the United States. And if you think they look and sound like a scam, it’s because they probably are. However, on paper, they don’t look so bad. They might go so far as to fool a few people with some of the elements in their profile.

Read more » Reviews – Messy, Vague and Poorly Constructed Reviews – Waiting To Defraud You is one of those pharmacies that will make you regret it if you buy any medicine from them. They don’t look trustworthy at all. If you have purchased drugs from the internet before, you have most likely encountered websites that look just like this one. In fact, you are probably wondering whether this site is connected to all those other platforms that share its design. That is a possibility. It is also possible that the owner of this site copied the design because they couldn’t be bothered to hire a professional web designer to build a unique platform for their business. Either way, they haven’t done anything to make consumers believe that they can be trusted. If you are tempted to buy their medicine because it is so cheap, you should know that their products are most likely counterfeit.

Read more » Reviews – Waiting To Defraud You Reviews – Mixed Feelings is a drugstore on the internet whose platform hasn’t given its visitors any good reasons to trust it. The company has some encouraging elements, with the most prominent being the excellent customer reviews and the strong rating it has attracted from resources like scamadviser. However, their website makes it so difficult to believe their claims because it is such a mess. It would be difficult to conclude that the store is a scam. The evidence doesn’t support that conclusion. That being said, no one would blame you if you decided to look elsewhere for medicine.

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