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1-rx-store.com is an online drugstore from the US that sells both generic and brand-name drugs. The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not they can be trusted. And unfortunately, they can’t. The fact that they lied about their age proves this.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUnited States or Lithuania
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

Even though they keep telling their visitors that their site is seven years old, it was actually created on the 7th of February 2021 which wasn’t all that long ago.

in business since 2021

The domain age doesn’t necessarily prove that they are a scam. However, it encourages people to suspect them of fraud.

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After earning a rating of 1 percent from scamadviser.com, they don’t have any legs to stand on. Their young age is the least of their problems. They must also contend with a low Alexa rank, associations with a high-risk country, the many suspicious websites on their server, and the owner’s anonymity.

1% of trust

All these factors tend to feature in the profiles of medical scams. Naturally, their presence here encourages people to think the worst about this website.

Business Profile

If you tackle this pharmacy’s promises and claims one at a time, it won’t take you long to see the flaws in their profile. For instance, they are supposedly striving to improve every phase of their business in the hopes of satisfying their customers.

a lot of red flags

But their drugstore looks just like every other young and potentially fraudulent medical portal on the internet. As far as anyone can tell, they haven’t done anything new.

As was noted above, they want people to think that they have seven or more years of experience. But that is obviously not true. They have attempted to assuage the suspicions of their detractors by offering refunds to their customers if their drugs fail to arrive on time.

But they don’t have customer reviews at the moment. As such, there is no way of knowing whether or not anyone has benefited from this policy. In other words, it might be a lie.

Their promises don’t stop there. Apparently, their drugs are of the highest quality. But they don’t have the documentation to prove this claim. Their platform is supposedly secure.

USIf they are to be believed, it is PCI DSS compliant, which means that it meets the highest standards where security is concerned. But if they can lie about their age, they can lie about their security. And if you choose to trust them, the site could expose your credit card information to hackers.

The money-back-guarantee is appealing because it removes some of the risks associated with the store. However, like every other policy, there is no way of knowing whether or not they are willing to fulfill this one. Ultimately, if they chose to disregard the money-back guarantee, you have no way of holding them accountable.

Their location is a secret. Though, they most likely operate out of Lithuania. They have published a business address but it isn’t real, so you should disregard it.

Regulatory Authorization

This is the problem with all their policies. The pharmacy isn’t accredited or licensed. Therefore, they can do what they want without suffering any significant consequences. This is why you are discouraged from taking their policies seriously. They don’t have to adhere to their own rules because they don’t have anyone to hold them accountable.

Available Products

They sell basic prescription and OTC drugs, including:






If you analyze their catalog, you will notice that it features a variety of sexual supplements for men and women. Companies that deal with sexual supplements tend to attract suspicion.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

They are cheap. They also offer free pills for people that make large purchases. But before you buy from them, you should know that the quality of their pills is still in question.

If that doesn’t bother you, they accept payments that are made using electronic checks, Visa, and Amex. With shipping, they normally choose between trackable courier service and airmail.

Reviews and Testimonials

They don’t have reviews on non-biased platforms like trustpilot.com. But you can probably blame this on the fact that they are still young.

no feedback


The internet pharmacy has failed to prove its legitimacy. For that reason, it gets a rating of 20% trust.

Possible Alternatives

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