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Trust Level15%
15% is an online pharmacy that thrives on buying trust from customers by offering free smart pills. Nevertheless, trust can never be bought but earned fairly. When a new shopper approaches this store, ten free sample pills are issued for trial. Therefore, if satisfied with what they offer, more pills are delivered at a cost. In that case, financial risk is eliminated but health risk is of more worry. Most scam websites have the tendency of enticing customers before vanishing into thin air. A quick overview of this store implicates that, something fishy is going on.

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Trust Level30%
30% is an online wellspring of generic drugs for a variety of conditions that are listed on the platform’s website. The online drugstore claims to be dedicated to serving a worldwide scale of clients. It also claims to offer the best pricing, best quality meds, the best customer services. However, due to the increased number of scam online apothecaries, these claims shouldn’t be regarded as guaranteed. So, along with many other factors as well, we saw the need to delve deeper into the store’s real profile to try uncovering everything which, in a nutshell, made us realize that this is just another substandard apothecary out there.

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Trust Level75%

The past few decades, the e-commerce industry has significantly grown with at least 4 out of 5 stores having an online presence. As a result, many kinds of stores such as pharmacies have adopted internet transactions, as a means to keep up with market trends. Although there are many reasons for one to regard internet-based pharmacies as skeptical and at times fraudulent, it would be utterly wrong for one to completely disagree on the fact that these do provide many benefits. Among the many benefits of internet-pharmacies, the following stand out more; flexible way of getting medicine in a short period, better and affordable rates than standard pharmacies, privacy, and also one can easily access information of substitute medication. Regardless of the benefits, it is always advised to thoroughly verify an Internet-based pharmacy’s credibility before you begin to purchase any product. Hence, we are going to review the online pharmacy

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Trust Level10%

Nowadays, it’s easy to spot a scam drugstore due to their suspicious nature. They use a common aspect of massive statements with the hidden motive of convincing potential customers whereby falling for such statements usually leads to disappointments. employs the same trick with similar motives. For instance, they claim to offer free delivery, well-laid money-back-program, and other services. However, an investigation into this pharmacy demonstrates otherwise due to the uncertainty associated with their services. In simple terms, customers should shun this drugstore like venom.

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Trust Level35%
35% claims to sell drugs in a rather ‘broker’ method. They act as a broker or middleman between the licensed pharmacy and the patients themselves. They also claim to offer confidentiality to your drugs at all times when you make a purchase. Their landing page is one awesome looking display that entices you to do more on their site than just look up for your drugs. Also, each drug has been explained fully just before you make your purchase hence you can never go wrong onto buying the wrong medication. We decided to do a thorough review of this pharmacy to know its credibility. Is it a scam or is it something you can trust?

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