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We all find it extremely humiliating to have to go to a local pharmacy to speak to an attendant about our personal issues. Having to ask for intimate medication and pills is not something anyone looks forward to. A commonly adopted solution to this problem is to purchase those items from online pharmacies, and although this may provide privacy, there is still the issue that the online store might possibly be fraudulent. is a commonly known cyber pharmacy. We are going to conclude whether it is credible or not, by looking at a few of its key aspects, namely.

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70% is an online site that deals with the sale of human drugs, pets services and also offer prescriptions only drug via a well-laid out legit procedure. They deal in almost all types of drugs. You can easily check out their drugs by clicking on the medical condition that you have which easily redirects you to a page that has medication. You also have to register for you to access their drugs ordering page which makes it easier to push off many people who appear to be online jokers! We did a systematic review of this pharmacy and this is what we got. We wanted to find out whether the pharmacy is legit or a scam.

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15% is an online website that claims to sell and deliver drugs to your doorstep. Their drugs mainly range from sexual enhancement drugs to other medicinal drugs used for the human body. On loading the site on google chrome, it states that the site is not secure hence your data could be exposed to fraudsters when using this site. That alone makes a client shiver especially since card details must be written for purchase to take place. We don’t know much about their authenticity and that is why we want to do a random credibility survey about this site.

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45% which claims to be an authentic UK-based online drugstore is nothing but a scam in reality. The platform has no approvals. On top of that, it’s flagged as a rogue by LegitScript. To know more about this platform, please have a look at this detailed review.

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