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Trust Level50%
50% is an online medical store that extends several offers for the customers, such as 30-days money back guarantee, money-saving programs on refill orders, a secured platform with 128bit, and more. Do you want to know if this drugstore is legit or scam? In that case, let us inform you that the platform seems to be reliable, safe, and secure. More details of the drugstore are given below which you should take a look.

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Trust Level15%

We understand many web-based drugstores are nowadays trying to food the customers by running a deceptive business. To beware of such platforms, you are always requested to follow our online pharmacy reviews and know more details about them. In this review, we are going to talk about Although the platform claims to be a legit and reliable drugstore; but in reality, the website is simply running a scam business. Starting from their business profile to domain details, everything looks suspicious and fake. To know more about this platform, please read the complete article.

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Trust Level70%
70% is an online pharmacy that mostly deals with prescription medications and home testing kits which are promised to be delivered at your doorstep as per your online orders. But, you must be wondering if this platform can be trusted; well, to be straight-forward, this platform is a quite reliable and reputable online drugstore website you can blindly trust on! However, we will request you to read this complete review so that you can have more information about this platform.

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