Reviews – A Mediocre Option

Trust Level60%
60% is an online drugstore that claims to be FDA approved which is a claim that we will go over further down in this article. There is a team of physicians part of this online pharmacy that you can get in contact with that can prescribe you the medication that you need based on your condition with free medical reviews being offered on the site. The physician consultations are done using video based communication such as Skype. In this article we are going to be investigating all the claims that this website makes and telling you if they are actually true.

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Trust Level75%
75% is not just an online pharmacy but offers consultation services by registered doctors as well. That is why; it can cater to many of your medical needs. However, before you order from such a pharmacy or opt for a consultation, it is essential to know more. Today, we will share with you our review to help you understand whether it is up to the mark or not.

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Trust Level10%
10% is an online pharmacy that uses a very common website design that is found on thousands of fake online pharmacies on the internet. The website promises 24/7 live support through the chat box feature on the website as well as using the two USA and EU phone numbers shown on the site. Furthermore they promise to provide a money back guarantee as well as free pills with every single order that is made on the site. In this article we are going to be reviewing this e-commerce store and telling you if it is safe to use.

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Vitamin D Helps Our Immune System Stay Balanced During Cold and Flu Season

Vitamin D receptors and activating enzymes are present on the surface of all White Blood Cells. The role of vitamin D in maintaining a healthy immune system is very complex because the immune system must be perfectly balanced. If there is too much stimulation, autoimmune diseases can occur. With insufficient activity of the immune system, frequent infections can occur.

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