RxStore-365d.com Reviews – No Approvals

Trust Level20%

RxStore-365d.com is a rogue online pharmacy that deals with generic and poor quality medicines. The platform has several intriguing offers for the customers, such as fast delivery, safe payments, free pills on every purchase, and money-back guarantee. But, while doing a thorough analysis of this pharmacy, we have found that it’s not a legit online drugstore. More details of this platform are discussed below.

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Jdv-Dream-Shop.com Reviews – Lack Of Information

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Today, we will share with you the review of Jdv-Dream-Shop.com. Jdv-dream-shop.com is another pharmacy that sells generic drugs online. If you have visited the website before, you would be keen to find out if it is legit or a scam?

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CanadianPharmacySafe.com Reviews – Absolutely Counterfeit

Trust Level25%

Well, are you planning to purchase medicines from an online drugstore like Canadianpharmacysafe.com? If yes, then please hold on for a moment. Here, we are going to share a complete review of this internet pharmacy that you should take a look at before placing an order with this site. Please keep checking the following sections to know more about this pharmacy website.

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PharmStore.com Reviews – Trustworthy As it Claims

Trust Level65%

Pharmstore.com is a Canadian pharmaceutical site that connects customers that want medical products to international suppliers that sell generic and brand name drugs. The site works as a referral service rather than an actual pharmacy. It doesn’t sell any of its own medical products. It merely acts as the bridge that allows medical suppliers and customers to transact.

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DrugsBankRx.com Reviews – Too Much Fake Info

Trust Level20%

Drugsbankrx.com is the online wing of Happy Family Store, a pharmacy that sells generic and brand name products. As their name suggests, they aim to keep the family happy by providing access to a quick shopping experience, prompt shipping, and dependable customer service. It is difficult to determine whether or not this company is as large as it claims to be. Some of its claims sound like they could have some truth to them. But the absence of tangible evidence creates suspicions that are difficult to ignore.

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