Ostroms.com Reviews – Legit Source of Compound Medicine

Trust Level65%

Ostroms.com is a website based in Washington State that sells compound medicine and sexual enhancers. Unlike some of its competitors, it takes pride in the fact that it offers customized medical products to its consumers. It uses customer centric-practices to ensure that the patients who walk through its doors receive the utmost satisfaction. This is why it offers a money-back guarantee.

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Online-Rx-Shop.com Reviews – 550 Days Old

Trust Level20%

Online-rx-shop.com is just another fraudulent websites pretending to be a legitimate pharmacy. It says all the right things but a closer look at its operations proves that none of the claims it makes add up, and neither can you verify them.

As such, you have no tangible reason to trust them with your money. Even if they are not a straightforward scam, the chances that they offer reliable pharmaceutical services are quite low.

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