Ycdscc.com Reviews – Some Weak Sides

Trust Level60%

Ycdscc.com is a prescription referral service. Some people have called it an online pharmacy but that is the wrong description. It does not sell medicine of any kind. Rather, it has partnered with medical dispensaries in various countries around the world. It uses their services to meet the medical needs of its customers. The company acts more like a bridge than anything else, providing a platform that connects patients and pharmacies.

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Medshoppill.com Reviews – Just Another Fraudulent Pharmacy

Trust Level30%

Medshoppill.com is a new site pretending to be a much older internet pharmacy that sells high-quality drugs. You can tell that they are pretending to be more successful than they really are because they claim to have warehouses located all around the world. This allows them to expedite their deliveries regardless of the location of the consumer. They also claim to have responsive customer support staff that will answer any questions you might have. While such language is encouraging, it is meaningless unless it is backed by strong evidence. And unfortunately for this site, it has no such thing.

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PillInternet.com Reviews – This One Lies

Trust Level20%

If you are looking for a legit internet pharmacy from where you can purchase all your medicine, pillinternet.com is not it. Yes, it is an internet pharmacy but it is not trustworthy; it cannot be relied upon to meet all your healthcare needs. There are too many question marks surrounding its operations and the medicine it sells. If you choose to transact with it, you are doing so at your own risk.

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Perfect-medtabs.com Reviews – Too Much Risk

Trust Level15%

Perfect-medtabs.com is a young medical store with a grim future. It looks a lot like a scam. As such, don’t be too surprised if it goes out of business in the next few years. This is the sort of site that would have thrived a decade ago. But the customers you encounter today are too savvy. They know what to look for in a fraudulent website and they will recognize this platform for the scam that it is. As such, it has no real chance of succeeding in the long-term.

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