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Trust Level20%
20% is a fraudulent internet pharmacy that claims to sell high-quality brand name and generic drugs. Naturally, if you contact them, they will deny the accusation that they are a scam. However, there will also fail to provide any evidence proving that they are legit. This, on its own, will prove that they cannot be trusted. A trustworthy online medical store has so many ways of showing suspicious customers that it does not pose any risk to their money or financial information. As such, whenever you encounter a store like this that cannot back any of its claims, you have no choice but to conclude that it is a scam.

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Trust Level25%
25% appears to be an internet pharmacy of unknown origin. It could be Swiss, Indian, or American. At this point, no one can really tell, and that is a problem. You should never transact with companies whose origins you cannot determine. A website that goes out of its way to hide the country from which it hails is fraudulent. That is proof that it has something to hide. More than likely, it has ties to a high-risk nation, which is why it is working so hard to keep its origins a secret. Fortunately, by being so mysterious, the pharmacy is indirectly warning you to stay away from it.

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Trust Level55%
55% is an online application that connects doctors to patients. It allows doctors to add patients to their network, enabling both parties to communicate with one another on matters regarding lab tests and prescriptions. It acts as a bridge that puts doctors within easy reach, allowing patients to access them at a moment’s notice whenever a need arises. Doctors, for their part, will also find that it is much easier to communicate with patients using this system, not to mention reviewing previous prescriptions and transactions. The app aims to make the doctor/patient relationship as convenient as possible.

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Trust Level20%
20% is a dubious internet pharmacy with no clear origins that hasn’t bothered to give you any reason to believe that it is actually legit. It makes most of the common claims, including secure payment options, rapid delivery systems, and attractive prices. But they are not the first drugstore to try and entice customers with such offerings. Many of the stores that make similar claims are scams. As such, you have every reason to presume that this one is no different.

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