Reviews – Some Weaknesses

Trust Level60%
60% is a Canadian medical store that sells drugs to customers in the US; it aims to simplify access to pharmaceuticals which is why it allows customers to make orders through its online platform. The company behind the website employes medical professionals that scrutinize the orders patients submit to ensure that the right medicine is used to treat the right condition.

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Trust Level30%
30% is a new internet pharmacy that claims to hail from the US even though all signs suggest that it is Russian. It offers high-quality medical products, a professional customer service team that is always available to answer queries, generous bonuses, and discounts, not to mention a secure and reliable platform. All these claims are appealing. They are also meaningless because they are not backed by tangible evidence. There is no way of proving that the store has any of these offerings. Whenever a company makes false claims, you have to assume that it is fraudulent.

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Trust Level25%
25% is an unlicensed internet pharmacy of unknown origin that has some sort of connection to the US and the Netherlands. Though, no one knows for certain where it comes from. It attempts to attract attention by offering drugs that are not only cheap but which do not require the submission of a prescription. Such services are fairly commonplace online.

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Trust Level15%
15% is an internet pharmacy with no paper trail. You will be hard-pressed to find any tangible information about its operations and origins. But that is only because it is so new. This should worry you. New drugstores, on their own, are quite problematic. But sites with no discernable background are even more frightening because there is no way of measuring their legitimacy. You should be on your guard where this site is concerned.

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