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If you are searching for an unbiased review of, then you have landed on the right page. This is another scam drugstore that has many bombastic claims. However, in reality, this platform is never worth your trust and recommendation. Not only it is running a deceptive business, but also it’s trying to trap regular customers by selling poor quality medications.

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Approved Treatment Options For Covid-19

According to CNN, “the United States has the potential for the exponential spread of Covid-19.” A former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official suggests that the hardest part of fighting the virus is yet to come. With a rise in daily cases, many health officials and people alike are looking for proven treatment options. There has been a few treatment options for Covid-19 circulating in the news, but the following blog post discusses factual treatment that actually combats the virus. Keep reading more details below to discover your best defense against Covid-19.

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Trust Level65%
65% is a legal online Canadian medical entity that sells drugs to customers in Canada, the US, and various countries around the world. Many legit Canadian sites supply drugs to the US but they do not cater to the needs of consumers in Canada. This one stands out because it also delivers to Canada.

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Trust Level25%
25% is an internet pharmacy that does business under the ‘Canadian Pharmacy’ name. The company’s name is one of its most suspicious elements. Not only is it a generic name that the pharmacy couldn’t possibly brand but it doesn’t match the domain name. On its own, the domain name is also problematic because it doesn’t tell you anything about the organization’s products and services. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The more you dig, the harder it becomes to believe the store’s claims of legitimacy.

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Trust Level20%
20% is a Canadian internet pharmacy that doesn’t have any surprises to offer. It fits within the same mold as every other untrustworthy drugstore you have ever encountered on the internet not only because of its design and the quality of its services but because of the many false claims it makes.

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