Reviews – Hidden Identity is the sort of internet pharmacy that you want to trust. That is to say, it makes all the right claims. They sound like your dream drugstore, the kind that sells good quality medicine at affordable prices whilst also providing quick and reliable delivery options. Unfortunately, they are all talk. The words they say do not match the evidence on the ground, and once you start investigating them, it becomes increasingly obvious that they are a scam.

Read more » Reviews – Hidden Identity Reviews – Credit Card Fraud is a strange internet pharmacy that hails from India. The website is strange because it looks legit. The design is appealing and it says all the right things. It doesn’t have the bland design that is common in so many fraudulent internet pharmacies. And yet the site is definitely a fraud. At least, all the available evidence suggests that you cannot completely trust it. This is a problem because they do a convincing job of acting like they are an authentic dispensary. They will fool a number of consumers before their true colors are revealed.

Read more » Reviews – Credit Card Fraud Reviews – Shady Medical Store is an internet pharmacy with a surprisingly high Alexa rank. It receives a decent amount of traffic. This would normally make it so much easier to trust. However, there are lingering questions surrounding its profile which suggest that it isn’t quite as authentic as it would like people to believe.

Read more » Reviews – Shady Medical Store Reviews – Mixed Feelings is a medical company that sells natural health supplements. They use the internet to reach their customers. Their objective is to identify trustworthy suppliers of supplements that can enhance the health of their patients, not only physically and mentally but sexually as well. They make every effort possible to test the supplements they source before they sell them to customers. They only dispense products that have been made in cGMP certified facilities. Even though they have Canadian origins, they are an American company.

Read more » Reviews – Mixed Feelings Reviews – Poor Liars is a Russian site that sells medicine online. The pharmacy may argue that it isn’t Russian. But at this point, no one knows for certain where it comes from. It has a business address that places it in the Czech Republic but that isn’t an improvement. Like Russia, the Czech Republic is a high-risk country. As such, you have even more reasons to perceive the internet store with suspicion.

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