Reviews – Pack of Lies is an Indian online drugstore. On the surface, they look quite promising. However, their entire operation begins to fall apart once you look beneath the surface. The fact that they have admitted that they come from India is encouraging. India produces a lot of counterfeit medicine and Indian drugstores have been known to pretend to originate from other countries. This one loses its credibility because it only admits to its Indian origins in some places. In other places, it goes out of its way to pretend that it is Canadian, which isn’t true. This puts all the other claims they have made into question.

Read more » Reviews – Pack of Lies Reviews – Disaster Waiting to Happen sells drugs and supplements over the internet, or so the internet pharmacy claims. It doesn’t have that much working in its favor. The site’s design is surprisingly clean and attractive and that might confuse amateurs that don’t know anything about online drugstores. But if you have some experience in this field, it won’t take you that long to realize that the store is a scam, the kind that goes out of its way to pretend that it is Canadian.

Read more » Reviews – Disaster Waiting to Happen Reviews – Scam Alert is a drugstore from Ukraine that looks legitimate on the surface. However, once you dig a little deeper, it doesn’t take you long to realize that they have a lot of skeletons they don’t want people to see, skeletons that are a sign of fraudulent behavior.

Read more » Reviews – Scam Alert Reviews – Many Warning Signs is a deceptive pharmacy from the Czech Republic that claims to sell medicine. They are quite easy to dismiss because their deceptions are not that difficult to identify. Though, they have succeeded in creating an attractive platform. Most scams fail in this area. They pay little to no attention to the appearance of their websites because they do not realize that the aesthetic value of an online pharmacy can affect a consumer’s decision to do business with them. Unfortunately for them, this store’s look isn’t enough to hide their lies.

Read more » Reviews – Many Warning Signs Reviews – Plenty of Reasons to Trust is an American pharmacy. They operate a traditional brick-and-mortar store in North Palm Beach as well as a website. Their online platform is designed to cater to people that cannot access medicine because of their location. Their aim is to provide a comprehensive service that includes consultations, drugs, and lab tests. This way, people can use the website to meet every single medical need they might have without leaving their homes to visit a doctor in person.

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