Reviews – Isn’t So Bad is an Indian pharmacy with a lot of experience. Many online pharmacies make that claim. But this one can prove it. They have a lot going for them. In fact, you have every reason to call them a legit drugstore. However, you cannot ignore some of the skeletons in their closet, skeletons that do not necessarily invalidate their claims. Rather, they encourage you to apply caution. Just because a pharmacy is legit doesn’t make it reliable.

Read more » Reviews – Isn’t So Bad Reviews – Seems Competent is a referral service from the US. Despite what they claim, they are not Canadian. Or at the very least, the available evidence places them either in the US or Barbados. Their goal is to help people who cannot afford drugs because they have become so expensive. Most of the company’s attributes are attractive. However, as you will soon see, they are not perfect. Their weaknesses are few but they still exist and it would be a mistake to ignore them.

Read more » Reviews – Seems Competent Reviews – Filled With Lies and Exaggerations is an internet pharmacy based in Montreal. Normally, that would be a good thing. Who wouldn’t want to buy drugs from a Montreal drugstore? Canadian pharmacies are highly popular. Unfortunately, this store isn’t one of them. They are the only ones that claim to originate from Montreal. The evidence doesn’t corroborate their claim. In fact, they most likely originate from Switzerland. That is the first lie the company has told but it isn’t the last. As you will soon see, every claim they have made is bogus. They haven’t yet realized that their lies are very easy to unravel.

Read more » Reviews – Filled With Lies and Exaggerations Reviews – Shady Website is an online medical shop that only looks good on the surface. Their most powerful weapon is the appearance of their site. It has a decent look. In fact, it has a professional design. A cursory glance will trick you into thinking that you have stumbled upon a legit platform with cheap drugs (as its domain name suggests) and efficient services. You have to peel back the layers to realize that the site is actually a scam. They have gone to great lengths to hide this fact. This is the reason why they have redacted so much of their online information. But they haven’t done enough to deceive any savvy shopper into believing that they can be trusted.

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Drinking Green Tea and Coffee Lowers Mortality Risk

Research in the journal Stroke provides evidence that drinking green tea can reduce multiple causes of death as well as preventing further cardiovascular problems in stroke and heart attack patients. The research also found that coffee drinkers who have suffered a heart attack also lower their risk of death. Even in healthy individuals, coffee is shown to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

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