Rxmedonline.com Reviews – Fraud, Fraud, and More Fraud

Rxmedonline.com is a Polish internet pharmacy that uses the ‘Happy Family Store’ name to sell its wares. They may dispute the claim that they are Polish because Poland is a high-risk country. But they don’t have a business address, so you have no choice but to make assumptions about their location. Since their online activity has been traced to Poland, you have every reason to assume that they are Polish.

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Ajantaproducts.net Reviews – No Reason To Trust

Ajantaproducts.net is an Indian internet pharmacy with a clever title. People that have made online medical purchases before are more likely to confuse them with Ajanta Pharma, a massive corporation with decades of experience. Unfortunately, they don’t have any connection to Ajanta Pharma.

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Rxpharmameds.com Reviews – Elaborate Scam

There isn’t much to say about rxpharmameds.com. Or rather, they have done such an impressive job of covering their tracks and obscuring their operations that you have no way of knowing who they are and how they work. On the one hand, this helps them because you cannot definitively prove that they are a scam. On the other hand, this approach is so shady that it immediately encourages people to perceive them as a scam.

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