Dealing With COVID-19 Mental Health

The unprecedented sequence of events that were caused by the coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. With the official figures reporting nearly 4 million dead from COVID, and the real death toll likely to be significantly higher than that, many people’s lives have been ended. But even those who haven’t been infected with coronavirus or didn’t suffer too badly when they did, have suffered in other ways. People have had to change their daily routine in often very dramatic ways.

Read more » Reviews – Too Vague is a confusing internet pharmacy whose origins and location are still unclear. They promise a wide variety of products, certified dealers, the best customer service, effective security measures, and fast deliveries. But those promises are meaningless if the drugstore cannot deliver on them, which seems to be the case. Their profile paints the picture of a small-scale operation that couldn’t possibly do all the things it claims to do.

Read more » Reviews – Unregulated But Potentially Safe is an online drugstore from India that sells medical products. They guarantee amazing savings, a wide selection of genuine products, and a secure platform. They have made every effort possible to put potential customers at ease. However, their platform is somewhat disturbing. It doesn’t give visitors any confidence in its reliability. No one would fault you if you started to question whether or not it was a scam.

Read more » Reviews – Deceptive Claims is a medical store on the internet that has published a toll-free US phone number as well as a UK phone number. This suggests that they have a presence in North America and the UK but that isn’t the case. Their platform looks professional and attractive but that is just a distraction designed to compel people to forget the many mistakes the internet pharmacy has made.

Read more » Reviews – Doubtful Service is a relatively old internet pharmacy that sells FDA-approved drugs to several countries around the world. They act as a middleman that brings medical products closer to the consumer. However, they do not want patients to use their services in the place of a real doctor. In fact, they encourage their clients to consult a physician before buying their pills. All in all, they seem legit.

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