Reviews – Not Trustworthy is a Canadian drugstore that sells various medicines globally. The site claims that the online pharmacy store has three years of experience as an online drugstore and shares that they aim to provide generic drugs at a fair and suitable price. While the site seems somewhat legit, is legit, or is it a scam? We have done a thorough review of this online Canadian pharmacy, and in this article, we will share with you the information we have gathered to see if this e-commerce store is legit or a scam.

Read more » Reviews – Security Flaws is a pharmacy that claims to guarantee the best prices. They also claim to be the number one online drugstore, but this is a claim we have seen many times, and every time the pharmacy does not look very good to us. There are many reasons for us to doubt that this is really number one, check our findings before you choose to purchase from them.

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What Antiviral Drugs Work for COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has led many to look at antivirals as a way of preventing the virus or lessening its symptoms. While social media has been rife with claims that certain drug treatments work, so far only one has been approved for use against the coronavirus that is behind COVID-19. We’re going to take a look at the antiviral drug that has shown to be effective, as well as some of the other potential antivirals.

Read more » Reviews – Illegal Activities is self-acclaimed as one of the leading, online pharmacy stores in just its third year of operation. Its highlighted primary vision includes the provision of safe, certified, and approved, generic pharmaceutical products at competitive prices to customers. In addition to product safety and high quality, they also supposedly care about customers’ privacy, which include security and safety of personal, sensitive information.

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