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24h-drugsstore.com is a medical website from Pakistan that many people will dismiss because it has such a shoddy profile. The country of origin is already problematic enough. The owner has made things even worse by lying about their age, an attribute you typically see in scams.

Domain Details
Origin CountryPakistan
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Info

registered in 2017The internet pharmacy was created on the 28th of April 2017, which makes the domain four years old. That is only true at the moment. In other words, even though they are young now; if they survive for the next three or four years, their domain age will climb to a point where they are not too young for people to trust.

Additionally, four years isn’t so bad. They are still too young for some people. But on the whole, four years is decent. Unfortunately, they have made it impossible for anyone to give them the benefit of the doubt by lying about their age. Their platform says that they are seven years old. By lying so blatantly, they have given their detractors a good reason to assume that they are a scam.

Related Websites

The rating they got from scamadviser.com stands at 1 percent at the moment. The figure doesn’t induce confidence in visitors because it is very low. They don’t have related websites. Though, at the moment, that is neither good nor bad.

1% of trust

Their poor rating was determined by their history of hosting malware, the anonymity of the owner’s identity, their connection with a high-risk country, and the absence of a valid SSL certificate.

Business Profile

Their profile leaves a lot to be desired. You have to remember that malware was found on their platform at some point in the past. They cannot escape that particular stain. It makes people hesitant to visit their site, let alone volunteer critical data such as credit card information.

a lot of red flagsIf they had given their consumers any reason to believe that their store was currently secure, the website’s history with malware wouldn’t matter quite as much. But they don’t even have an SSL Certificate. This makes them a threat to their consumers.

You cannot trust the shop to keep your financial or medical information safe. As was noted at the start, they come from Pakistan. Though, some of the evidence has connected them to India. Either way, their association with a high-risk country automatically makes them high-risk.

0.1 starThis takes away all their credibility. If you have ever visited their platform, you know that it is very bland. Their design was clearly inspired by the same template that thousands of medical scams use to defraud consumers every single day.

Their name (Online Pharmacy) has the same problem. Not only is it generic but other people have used that same name to dispense drugs online. If that isn’t enough to put you off, you should know that the owner has failed to publish a verifiable business address.

Regulatory Authorization

The assessment they got from legitscript.com is just as pitiful as you would expect. It called them ‘rogue’. legitscript.com gives that classification to websites that it wants people to avoid.


Available Products

They offer medicine for various illnesses. That includes:

propecia, meldonium, dapoxetine

  Smoking Addiction


  Heart Disease

  Muscle Aches


You can buy medicine without presenting a prescription. Though, the owner encourages potential customers to consult a medical expert beforehand. The fact that they don’t ask for prescriptions should concern you. Most health professionals want you to avoid internet pharmacies that do not ask for prescriptions.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

free deliveryIf you are determined to use the platform to meet your healthcare needs, they accept E-checks and credit cards. But you should think twice before you purchase their drugs. Pakistan, their country of origin, makes a lot of counterfeit pills.

The drugs sold on this platform are so cheap that you have every reason to assume that they are counterfeit. if you are still determined to use their services, they use trackable courier service and International Registered Airmail for deliveries.

Reviews and Testimonials

While they have attracted numerous negative reviews from online resources that assess the legitimacy of internet drugstores, they do not have reviews from customers, not on sites like trustpilot.com.

not found


The lie they told about their age destroyed their credibility. You have to assume that they are a scam. Or at the very least, they cannot prove that they are legit. This is why they get a rating of 15% trust.

Possible Alternatives

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