Approved Treatment Options For Covid-19

According to CNN, “the United States has the potential for the exponential spread of Covid-19.” A former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official suggests that the hardest part of fighting the virus is yet to come. With a rise in daily cases, many health officials and people alike are looking for proven treatment options. There has been a few treatment options for Covid-19 circulating in the news, but the following blog post discusses factual treatment that actually combats the virus. Keep reading more details below to discover your best defense against Covid-19.


Remdesivir is the first FDA approved treatment option for Covid-19. It has been approved for adults and children over the age of 12 to treat Covid-19.

The drug Remdesivir is an anti-viral treatment option administered by IV. Patients that are given Remdesivir require hospitalization and it must be administered in a hospital or clinical settings. Remdesivir’s given for 5 to 10 days for treatment.

The experts suggest, Remdesivir is not a cure all and will be used with a combination of treatments options. There has been substantial evidence that Remdesivir can effectively treat Covid-19. Patients that received the drug had a higher success rate for recovery and improved respiratory health. Patients given a placebo to fight Covid-19 did not experienced improved health versus the patients that were given Remdesivir.

The side effects of Remdesivir include:


  Increased liver enzymes

  Allergic reaction

  Changes in blood pressure

  Low blood oxygen

  Shortness of breath




Take a look at the short video clip below to see how Remdesivir works:


In a Solidarity Trial by the World Health Organization (WHO) corticosteroids have been effective against severe and critical cases of Covid-19.


Corticosteriods work towards improving the impact that Covid-19 has on the lungs. Covid-19 can cause a systemic inflammatory response and corticosteriods fight to eliminate or greatly reduce those effects.

In fact, it’s used for patients that are not hospitalized, but can also be used for patients that require hospitalization. Corticosteriods is not new to the medical community and is administered through tablet, syrup, and capsule form and has long since treated chronic conditions like septic, lupus, severe asthma, and more. In some cases, corticosteroids can be administered through an inhaler or nebulizers. The WHO has safely used their clinical trial with the use of corticosteroids to expedite a treatment option for Covid-19.


Remdesivir has proven to be more diligent at treating Covid-19 over cortivosteriod treatment, but they both have had a tremendous effect on the recovery of many symptoms effecting hospitalized and chronic patients. In some cases, the two can be given together.

If you’re diagnosed with Covid-19, talk to your doctor about Remdesivir or corticostetiods as a treatment option for hospitalization, chronic, or acute symptoms.

However, the best defense against Covid-19 will be a vaccine which is still months away. Health experts are confident that Covid-19 can be successfully treated and eventually eliminated.

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