Reviews – Why Unapproved? is an online drugstore that has gone to great lengths to earn the trust of its consumers. People are drawn to the company because of its name. The domain name immediately tells you that it is Canadian. Normally, that would make them even more difficult to trust because a significant number of medical scams on the internet are pretending to be Canadian. However, this store doesn’t simply stop at claiming to be Canadian. It can prove it, which is why so many people have chosen to trust them with their medical needs.

Domain Details
Origin CountryCanada
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameCanadian Pharmacy United
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingno
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

registered in 2018Their domain is two years old. The owner created it on the 20th of August 2018. The domain age hasn’t done the store any favors. Naturally, the fact that they are so young isn’t their fault. They had to start somewhere. The owner can’t do anything to change the domain age. But at the very least, he did not lie.

That sounds like an irrelevant factor but it matters because so many young portals in this business choose to lie about their age rather than admitting that they are still too young. This one hasn’t made any false claims about its age.

Related Websites

The store’s design and its business address have been connected to various internet pharmacies, including:

Is this a mirror site or are all these websites and more under the umbrella of the same company? No one knows at the moment. But this isn’t a source for concern because all those sites are legit. Their presence doesn’t hurt this pharmacy.

Business Profile

Their business has straightforward operations. You can search their platform for medicine. Once you locate the items you want, you can initiate an order either through the website or by calling the phone number they have provided.

95% of trust

Once you make a payment, they will send you the drugs. If their catalog doesn’t have your pills, you can always ask them to look for the products you need. After all, they are not a real pharmacy. Rather, they operate as an intermediary that uses its partners to process and deliver medicine.

They can use their connections to get the drugs you want. Because they are not a real pharmacy, they can remain open all week long; though, you have to contact them during normal business hours if you want to talk to one of their employees.

mostly negative

Even though their business address is Canadian. it is merely a P.O. Box. They don’t have a real business address. But as an intermediary, they don’t necessarily need one. Even though they have a strong rating of 95 percent, their owner has chosen to remain in hiding.

That decision has raised suspicions in some circles. You should also know that their website isn’t properly optimized. That is a sign of negligence. The absence of a proper business address might make things worse for them because it makes some of their skeptical consumers wonder whether or not they really come from Canada.

Regulatory Authorization

The only reason the absence of a business address hasn’t hurt this shop is that it is recognized by CIPA. CIPA only recognizes genuine Canadian platforms. This explains the decision by to call them ‘unapproved’ rather than ‘rogue’.


Available Products

They have a lot of interest in sexual enhancers, which isn’t surprising. They are popular. If you are only interested in buying Canadian merchandise, you should know that some of the medicine sold here comes from partners in other countries, including Singapore, the UK, and Mauritius. However, all their partners are licensed. Their brand name and generic pills are of the highest quality possible.


Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

They have very low prices some of which can offer consumers savings of up to 90 percent. They use 128-bit encryption, so you can trust them with your credit card information. They will process your order within three days before shipping it using regular mail. Delivery services cost $15. Reviews and Testimonials

You shouldn’t expect to find any reviews for this store on or any other unbiased site. But you have no reason to assume that the positive reviews on their platform are fake because they haven’t told any lies thus far.

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The internet pharmacy gets a trust rating of 60%. It lost a few points because the owner is hidden and he chose to publish a P.O Box address rather than a real business address.

Possible Alternatives

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