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Trust Level60%
60% is one of the leading drugstores that sell high-quality medications. Since its creation a few years ago, it has succeeded in winning the hearts of most customers. As per the claims, they have served millions of consumers within 12 years. However, this store has been around for a shorter period as per the domain records. Our investigation into this store found that there are some areas where they need to pull up their socks. We looked into it by reviewing various areas like domain name, business profile and others.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUS, Barbados, Canada
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameCanadian Pharmacy World
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkeryes
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Name

According to the domain records, this store was registered back in 2014 with a supposed expiry date of 2022. This suggests that the business has been around for quite some time. Unlike scam websites that have a short operation time, legit businesses boast a lengthy spell. This business uses an anonymous service that has concealed the identities of both the registrar and registrant. This is an issue of concern because such details should be displayed readily.


Business Profile

USTo begin with, the store hasn’t provided a clear business name that can assist in locating them. Some sites use the domain name as the business name, but we cannot assume that’s the case here. Anyway, a customer can use a mailing address to contact the support team in case of any query. Initially, this store was operating as, that’s why they stated that they have been in business since 2006. Changing a domain name has negative impacts on the reputation of a business always. Sometimes it insinuates that there’s something fishy going on. They may have changed to this domain name because the previous one received an FDA warning for selling substandard drugs. The warning dirtied the store’s reputation and that’s why they shifted to a new domain name. This store dispatches the medications from a Canadian pharmacy commonly known as CanDrug. The pharmacy and their contact details are linked to other online drugstores. One of these stores has a dangerous reputation for hijacking payment details from the customers. Such information shouldn’t be grasped lightly by any potential customer.

Regulatory Approvals

Every customer should look at whether valid seals have been displayed by a drugstore. These seals are issued by regulatory associations to those drugstores that meet verification standards. Therefore, they ensure a high level of professionalism is maintained on a website. This platform has displayed the seals it has acquired successfully from bodies like CIPA, IPABC, and PharmacyChecker. In simple terms, it’s a member of all these bodies. However, LegitScript has checked into this store and concluded that it’s a rogue pharmacy. Failure to follow the laws of land means that it’s operating illegally.


Products and Pricing

This platform sells over one thousand medications that comprise both generic and brand name medications. They also sell over-the-counter drugs for various maladies. These prescriptions are dispatched from various pharmacies that are strategically located all over the world. Some of their best sellers include:







The prices of these drugs are the normal rates in any other legit drugstore. For instance, a pill of colchicine is sold at $0.41 which is quite fair.

Payments and Shipping

A customer can pay for an order using checks, credit cards, and money orders. They insist that they only accept international money orders. Those customers that are in the USA have the privilege of free shipping for all the orders. Shipping in any other countries attracts a delivery fee that’s charged fairly. Orders shipped to the UK and Australia are charged $10 only while in other countries it’s $25.


Delivery Time

At the normal time, shipping time is dependent on the location of a receiver and the dispensing point. Usually, it takes 10-14 days from Canada and around 18 days from other international dispensing points.


Customer Feedbacks

This platform doesn’t have a testimonial page where a customer can leave feedback. However, there are several reviews on an independent site like Yelp that has positive messages. These reviews lack any element of been fabricated or copy-pasted for they are genuine.



This store has some positives to boast about like having valid seals, genuine testimonials, and others. However, the change of a business name was ill-advised for they should have concentrated in clearing the air. Due to that, we awarded a 60% trust rating.

Possible Alternatives

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