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Trust Level65%
65% is an internet pharmacy operating out of the United Kingdom. They have a traditional pharmacy with physical premises but they also utilize an online platform to interact with people who cannot visit them in person. Like most companies in their field, the pharmacy sells and delivers drugs to people inside and outside the United Kingdom. They also provide professional consultation services.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUS, UK
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameClear Chemist
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Telephone0151 203 6535
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingfor orders over £35.00
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

This website has been in operation for eight years. In that time, it has undergone five changes on six unique name servers. There is nothing particularly remarkable about the domain. The eight-year lifespan is good because it means that the people behind the site have a lot of experience. It also means that the site is less likely to be a scam. If it is a scam, then it has done an amazing job of hiding its fraudulent activities.


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This drugstore shares its server with over a thousand other websites. Even though the drugstore has a ScamAdviser trust rating of 18%, most of the websites on its server have trust ratings as high as 90% and even 100%. That raises questions about the pharmacy’s legitimacy. As far as ScamAdviser is concerned, they pose some kind of risk, which doesn’t bode well for their reputation.

Business Profile

USThis website is only a few years old. But the pharmacy behind its operations was actually started in 1961. In the beginning, it was just another family establishment. But then in 2005, a pharmacist called Rishi acquired it. He managed it for several years before finally adding an online platform. The idea was to make access to drugs more convenient for patients. Today, the establishment has grown immensely. It sits under the umbrella of the RB Healthcare Group. Besides selling medicine, the firm also provides medical consultation. Every order that Rishi and his people receive is closely scrutinized by a healthcare professional before it is either approved or rejected. The goal is to make sure that every patient gets the best possible medication for their situation. Newcomers are expected to fill out extensive questionnaires. The information they provide is transmitted to the people at “Online GP Services Limited“. Their employees are responsible for interpreting your data and determining the validity of your order. Everything this medical firm does is above board. Every dispensary they use to fulfill orders is licensed and accredited. Rishi, the chief pharmacist, has a 1st Class Honors in Pharmacy.

Regulatory Authorization

This website is accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK. It is also a member of the National Pharmacy Association. So it is legally authorized to sell prescription and nonprescription drugs.


Available Products

This website sells most drugs. They have weight loss pills, vitamins and minerals, beauty products and everything in between. All orders for prescription drugs must be accompanied by an EU-compliant prescription. They also sell pet medicine, fragrances, and electricals.



shippingThe price tags on this website don’t differ that drastically from those found in other traditional pharmacies in the UK. Ultimately, this website is just another ordinary pharmacy operating over the internet. They offer special promotions and discount codes that can make their prices friendlier in some cases. Orders are delivered by:

   DPD Courier Services

   Royal Mail

They deliver to both local and international customers. However, they do not charge a shipping fee for orders made with NHS prescriptions. The packaging they use will vary depending on the size of the order and the nature of the products being transported.


When it comes to payments, options include:


   Visa and MasterCard

   Delta and Electron




The company has other payment methods that you can use if you would rather not volunteer your financial information online. But you have to call them to discuss the matter.


This medical site has poor reviews on TrustPilot. They have been accused of having poor customer services, expensive deliveries, and false advertising.

poor rating


This website earns a trust level of 65%. The customer testimonials are staggeringly poor. However, this is still a legit internet pharmacy with verifiable licensing and accreditation from honest institutions. That is more than most internet pharmacies have.

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