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55% is the website that a health and wellness center in Canada uses to service consumers living in areas like Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia. They sell and deliver pharmaceuticals. This is on top of offering medical advice and guidance on the proper use of pharmaceuticals.

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Origin CountryUS, Canada
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameCostco Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailno
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Details

This website was created on the 14th of December 2012. That makes this domain six-years-old, which isn’t bad. When you add that lifespan to the “Costco” name, it becomes easier to see why so many people trust this chain of pharmacies.


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This domain has only one related website, namely: It also has a ScamAdviser trust rating of 100%. As far as ScamAdviser is concerned, the resource is perfectly legit; or at the very least, it doesn’t pose any obvious threats.


Business Profile

This company’s own webpages emphasize the fact that it has nothing to do with Cosco. Rather, the pharmacies using that name in Canada are operated independently by CWC Pharmacies, a subsidiary of Costco Wholesale Canada. On its surface, this looks like just another internet pharmacy. They serve consumers who approach their branches in person but they also sell and deliver drugs to people who initiate orders through their website. The firm demands valid prescriptions for all the medication it sells. People can either present their prescriptions (from a licensed Canadian physician) or provide the contact information of any other pharmacy that just so happens to hold their prescriptions. They only serve clients in Canada and they meet most of the basic requirements of any operational internet pharmacy.


However, this particular drugstore isn’t quite ordinary. Besides selling drugs, they also run health centers. These establishments are manned by health professionals that patients can consult whenever they have questions regarding their health and medical regiments. The website takes pride in the fact that it offers a very comprehensive service to its patients, going out of its way to educate the ignorant on matters of physical, mental, and nutritional health. They perfectly straddle that line between internet pharmacy and medical clinic. They make it a point to review every order they receive. They will also make alterations to prescriptions to suit the medical conditions of their patients.

Regulatory Authorization

You would expect a drugstore as large as this one to feature prominently on the CIPA website. CIPA is an organization that monitors internet pharmacies in Canada. However, this website isn’t a member of CIPA. The fact that hasn’t heard of them either is also worrisome. However, even though the website works as an internet pharmacy, it is merely the online wing of a traditional pharmacy. For that reason, they probably see no need to acquire special accreditation for their internet activities. The medical portal has the recognition of brands like Pharma Science, Mint Pharmaceuticals Inc, and Apotex to mention but a few.

Available Products

The drugstore sells medicine that treats ailments like:







Most people agree that this firm’s drugs are competitively priced. They are not mind-blowingly cheap but they are more attractive than many of their competitors.

Payments and Deliveries

deliveryWhen it comes to making payments through the website, customers can choose between Visa and MasterCard. This pharmacy also accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. They encourage everyone whose plan isn’t covered to talk to their insurance provider about the possibility of bringing this website into their fold. On the issue of deliveries, patients can expect to receive their packages via Canada Post Expedited Mail. It takes between three to five days for deliveries to reach their destination. The company only delivers to locations in Canada, specifically places like Quebec, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick to mention but a few. Patients have the option of personally picking their prescriptions from one of the several branches the pharmaceutical business has around the country.


This website has some customer reviews and testimonials on the internet. We have found them on Yelp and ConsumerAffairs. The rating is below average. The reputation would suffer as a result. However, this company has a pretty strong brand in Canada.



This online drugstore earns a trust level of 55%. It has a solid reputation, a functioning website, a strong presence in Canada and various premises whose physical existence can be verified.

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