Drugssquare.com Reviews – Not The Worst

Drugssquare.com is an internet pharmacy. They sell medicine. However, no one knows much about them. They are not completely fraudulent. The site has a few positive attributes working in its favor. But its operations are not fully above board. Do not believe everything they say. At this moment, they have a lot more claims and a lot less proof. You have a few good reasons to take them at their word. However, you also have several reasons to ignore everything they have said thus far.

Domain Details
Origin CountryIndia
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameDrugs Square
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingno
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno


registered in 2012Even though the company has so many concerning characteristics, their domain age isn’t one of them. The domain was created on the 4th of September 2012. That puts eight years under their belt. You can’t knock them for their experience.

The domain age tends to simplify the process of identifying scams. They are either too young or their expiration date is just a year or two after they came into existence. This always makes them so easy to mistrust. However, you have no reason to concern yourself with this shop’s domain age. It has been around for nearly a decade.

Medical websites with fraudulent operations rarely survive that long. People report them and the authorities remove them from the internet. This platform has given you a good reason to take them seriously.

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If their domain age encouraged you to trust them, their scamadviser.com rating will do the opposite. It stands at 1 percent at the moment. Their age wasn’t enough to win the favor of scamadviser.com, and neither was the SSL Certificate.

1% of trust

Business Profile

The online shop has a professional platform that isn’t that complicated to navigate. To begin your journey with the store, you have to create an account. You have to give the company your billing information, prescription, and payment details. The data they collect is confidential.

mostly positive

They do not share it with any other party. Once you create an account, you can search for the medicine you want. Add it to the cart, specify the quantity and move on to the checkout process. If you don’t have an internet-enabled device, you can also call the company.


They have people standing by to take your order via phone. If you have internet access but you have failed to navigate their site, you can always send an order through email or live chat. They don’t have a business address.

They want their clients to believe that they are American. Apparently, their business started by selling medicine in the US before they expanded their reach to the rest of the world. This might be true. But because they haven’t provided any evidence, you have no reason to believe them.

Even if their business truly started in the United States, they haven’t revealed the location of their current base of operations, and they haven’t bothered to explain whether or not they still have offices in the United States.

Regulatory Authorization

The NABP has already disavowed the drugstore. It does not recommend them. This contributed to scamadviser.com’s low rating, not to mention the rogue classification they got from legitscript.com. Their platform has been reported for hosting malware.


Available Products

Their catalog isn’t that large. It includes drugs for diseases like:






You must upload a prescription before they can process your order. This earns the company a few more points. The law expects legit sites to ask for prescriptions.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

Their prices won’t blow you away. They are competitive but not to the point of being ridiculously cheap. They accept telegraphic transfers, debit, and credit cards. Delivery times will depend on the destination. The same thing applies to the cost. Some places are more expensive than others. It also takes longer for drugs to reach them.

Drugssquare.com Reviews and Testimonials

They have one review on trustpilot.com. The customer that left it was impressed by the site’s helpful support team. While the positive review is a good thing, it also works against the platform. They have been around for eight years. The fact that they only have one review makes no sense.



The online medical shop earns a rating of 30% of trust. It has one good review, a professional design, and several years of experience. Unfortunately, they have also been reported for hosting malware and legitscript.com has chosen to call them a rogue internet pharmacy.

Possible Alternatives

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