Edmedscanada.com Reviews – False Claims

Edmedscanada.com appears to be a Canadian drugstore that specializes in men’s health drugs. But appearances can be deceptive, and that is the case with this pharmacy. Don’t make a purchase without knowing the truth about this drugstore.

Domain Details
Origin CountryNetherlands
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameED Meds Canada
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Name Information

registered in 2018The website this pharmacy is using has been registered for over 4 years. This is longer than many drugstores we look at, though it could still indicate they aren’t as trustworthy as you might hope.

The information in the domain name database tells us that the owner of this pharmacy is located in the Netherlands. This is strange because this pharmacy is claiming to be the number one in Canada, and so it could indicate that the store is actually a scam.

Business Profile

When we check on the pharmacy site, they don’t give a business address in Canada, in fact, there is no contact address. The pharmacy also doesn’t provide a business name that we can check, further indicating this drugstore is probably a scam.

Pharmacy Accreditation

They do not display any regulatory seals that indicate they are operating to higher standards. This means that there will be more risks and problems when buying medication from this pharmacy.

not in the database

Medication Sold

men's related drugsThe pharmacy specializes mostly in selling men’s health drugs. They sell both brand and generic versions of these types of medications, and all the prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

The pharmacy doesn’t give details of who has manufactured the generic medications or where they are dispensed from. These issues create real problems for customers, problems that they might not be aware of before purchasing.

The store could be selling low-quality or counterfeit medications that do not contain the correct ingredients. If that is the case, it won’t produce the results expected and required by the customer. This is a serious problem with scam pharmacies and could lead to serious consequences for any customer of this store.

Where are These Pills Dispensed From?

The pharmacy doesn’t actually tell us where the medication is dispensed from, but they do keep insisting it is in Canada. However, in our experience, this seems unlikely.


The pharmacy quotes a shipping time of up to 3 weeks, indicating that they are not dispatching the pills from Canada as they claim. This is normally the sort of delivery time you would expect for medications that are dispatched from India.

The pharmacy is claiming to be number one in Canada, something that obviously isn’t true. So why would a pharmacy claim to be in Canada when they are not?

Many people consider Canada a good source of cheap and reliable medications, and so many scam pharmacy stores claim to be Canadian. The reality with this store is that we do not believe it is owned by anyone in Canada or dispensing meds from there either.

Payment and Shipping

Payment for your medications takes place on a different website, but it does have some security. The store will accept payments through the following options:

a lot of options




Choose between international and registered airmail that could take up to 3 weeks for 12.40 CAD. They also provide a courier service with delivery in under 9 days and costing $37.20.

Free shipping is provided when you spend more than $200 with the pharmacy. They will also try to charge delivery insurance costing $7.38 though this is optional.

Edmedscanada.com Reviews

The pharmacy does give ratings on each product page indicating that people are happy with the products. However, this doesn’t include any feedback and we doubt it is genuine.

no comments

There also isn’t a testimonials page containing EDMedsCanada.com reviews. We’ve also been unable to find any feedback on independent websites, so it’s quite likely that the pharmacy hasn’t received many customers and so this gives us even less confidence about the drugstore.


While this pharmacy is masquerading as being a Canadian drugstore, it seems clear that this isn’t actually the case. We can only give them 30% of trust since they do not have any regulation, are not transparent about who they are or where they are based, and are falsely claiming to be Canadian.

While it might appear that this pharmacy offers a relatively cheap and reliable place to buy your medications, this would be a mistaken belief. There could potentially be very serious problems if you do choose to use this pharmacy, so we suggest you don’t.

Possible Alternatives

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