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Trust Level20%

EDpills247.com is a recently founded online drugstore that claims to host over half a million customers. It sells both generic and brand medicines at a relatively affordable price. Despite all that, there is a possibility it’s a scam website. This can be supported by the fact that the store has achieved a lot within a short duration. Less than a fortnight operation period suggests that it doesn’t have a reputation yet. A legit commercial website can only form a good reputation after operating for a while. Therefore, this is a rogue website.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUS
Business Profile
Pharmacy Nameunknown
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Details

According to the information presented on WhoIs, the domain name came into existence on 13th March 2019 and its expected expiry date is on 13th March 2020. From the details, it’s crystal clear that the website has a one year operation period. Scam websites don’t last for long because their main intention is to fraud naive shoppers. Every customer should dig deeper into its details before buying medicines.


Business Profile

The company utilizes an anonymous service that helps it to hide much of its details. In relation to that, less is known about the owner under which it runs. As per ScamAdviser, the store is situated in Burlington, USA. Although ScamAdviser allocates this site a 72% trust score, it’s not that safe. Legit websites display their business details without doubt about their products and services. All the same, concealing them only add salt on the wound. Administrative contact details are a US toll-free +18885247141 and live-chat.


Regulatory Approvals

Online regulatory bodies set rules and regulations that must be observed by the stores. Hence, drugstores that follow them are issued with certificates, licenses, and approvals. However, the website seems to have acquired these seals within a little time. The seals’ credibility unverified but most probably they’re fraudulent. At the bottom part of the site, there are a number of miniaturized regulatory seals. For instance, they have an FDA logo, an American quality logo, a CPA approved seal, unclear certificate and a seal from PharmacyChecker. Unlike other genuine seals that direct a user to a regulatory site, the PharmacyChecker is unresponsive that shows that it’s fake. Further, this store is absent from its database. We can conclude that all the other available seals are fraudulent and they are attached to woo unsuspecting customers.


Products and Pricing

medicinesThey offer a wide variety of products like:




   Anti-fungal and others

Nonetheless, as from the domain name, much attention is given to men’s health pills. They are taken to rectify and boost performance in bed. A shopper doesn’t require a prescription from a doc when purchasing some pills from this store. Prices of these products are so cheap that, there’s a plausibility they aren’t genuine. To puzzle their customers, they sell generic prescriptions using the brand name. This trick is frequently employed by scam websites to designate naive customers they are getting a better deal at a low cost. But most of these generic products are counterfeit and of low quality. They also give a gratuity of four free men’s health pills for every order placed. Despite it looking like a great deal, these giveaways are associated with problems.

Payments and Shipping

A valid SSL certificate is absent but a client can pay using the following options:






   American Express

This entity provides two shipping options that include Airmail and Courier delivery service. Frequently, the latter is somehow expensive for it incorporates tracking of order. They charge a delivery fee of $10 for the Airmail and $30 for the courier.

Delivery Time

The delivery time varies depending on the type of an address provided by a client. It takes 2-3 weeks when using the Airmail and 5-9 days for the Courier service.



Contrary to the fact that this site has only been in existence since March 2019, there are a full-page comprising customers’ reviews. How they assembled such traffic within a short period is subject to verification. Funny enough, some of the reviews are dated to 2015: a piece of evidence that they are all self-generated and unreliable.

fake feedback


From the above review, everything about EDpills247.com is wrong. Fake seals, fake testimonials and fake drugs give each buyer a reason to shun it at all cost. Therefore, we rate this store a 20% trust level.

Possible Alternatives

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