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Trust Level15%
15% is an online website that claims to sell and deliver drugs to your doorstep. Their drugs mainly range from sexual enhancement drugs to other medicinal drugs used for the human body. On loading the site on google chrome, it states that the site is not secure hence your data could be exposed to fraudsters when using this site. That alone makes a client shiver especially since card details must be written for purchase to take place. We don’t know much about their authenticity and that is why we want to do a random credibility survey about this site.

Domain Details
Registration 2014-05-21
Origin Countryunknown
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameEurope-Overnite
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

We checked their domain information on WhoIs and found out the following about the site. The domain was fabricated and registered on 2014-05-21 by a registrar who goes by the name TOGLODO S.A. It expires on 2019-05-21. The site was updated on 2017-05-11. The short lifespan sends a bad message about this online pharmacy. Most scam sites have a very short lifespan and this couldn’t be a legit site after all.


Business Profile

The business (an online pharmacy ) has been in existence for 4 years and 344 days. This tells you that it is a bit hard to make full data about the legitimacy of this site. It hasn’t been in the market for a longer time. Secondly, the country is involved in over three high-risk countries. Its location likelihood is in the following areas Unknown: 84% / China: 6% / United States: 6% / Poland: 2% / Netherlands: 2% / Germany: 1%. Out of all these locations, its real location is not known. This information about its locality is possibly associated with Scam or ROGUE sites which don’t want to be identified.


Regulatory Approvals

rogue statusUpon checking the site on LegitScript, the site has been classified as a ROGUE operating internet entity. This just bashes your hopes of this pharmacy. It is not a legit site rather a site out there to help in siphoning your hard-earned cash. A ROGUE classified pharmacy engages in online scams and fraud. They have a set record in breaking the laws and regulations that have been set aside for medical drugs regulations. They are said to knowingly violate the medical practice laws and thus are unfit to offer any guidance or products pertaining to the sale of drugs. ScamAdviser has a very low trust rating of this online pharmacy. It has rated it at 35% and cautions you against using this site. For your sake and the sake of your financials, do not try using such a site. It has reported that the site owner is using a certain service to hide their real identity. In conclusion, scamadviser has no any positive feature about it.

Products and Pricing

As quoted before, their prices are extremely cheap. They might be discounted in a way to lure unsuspecting customers to purchase their substandard drugs. Be very careful when using this pharmacy. Apart from offering sexual enhancement drugs, the site deals with other products such as smoke cessation drugs, weight loss drugs, antibiotics, birth control drugs among many others.


Payment and Delivery

shippingThe payment options include:

   Visa and MasterCard

   JCB and Diners Club

They have two shipping methods which include the Airmail and the Express Courier Service. The only difference is the pricing and also the airmail service doesn’t have a way you can track your goods. The latter takes 2-3 days while the former takes seven to twelve days. They also have an insured courier service of approximately $10 which protects your package while on transportation.


On the trusted reviews website TrustPilot there is no record of this pharmacy. It is not known. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any comments about their services. This tells you that you need to avoid it since you don’t know how they operate and you might end up losing all your money. The testimonials on their site could be faked and posted there for all of you to see the positive side of the pharmacy. Be careful.



In our very honest opinion, this online pharmacy deserves a 15% trust rating. It doesn’t deserve people buying from them. If you are reading this article, do not attempt buying the drugs from them. Avoid it for your own good.

Possible Alternatives

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