Happyfamilymedstore.com Reviews – Mentioned as Rogue

Looking for a review of happyfamilymedstore.com? Are you trying to find out if this is a legit drugstore platform or not? Starting from the domain info and business profile details to regulatory approvals and products and pricing, all the details of this online pharmacy are covered in the below sections.

Domain Details
Origin CountryRussia
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameHappy Family Store
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Info

The pharmacy domain is a newbie drugstore platform. The domain is registered on 2020-12-12, and you should also note that it will be expired on 2022-12-12. Please note that the domain registrar’s name is ambiguous i.e. REGISTRAR OF DOMAIN NAMES REG.RU LLC.

registered in 2020Talking more about this pharmacy’s domain registrant’s contact info, the registrant’s contact name is given as Protection of Private Person. Let’s now find out your domain registrant’s contact details below.

Note, the contact address details are mentioned as Street: PO box 87, REG.RU Protection Service, city: Moscow, Russia. In addition to that, email addresses and phone numbers are provided.

Unfortunately, all these details appear to be ambiguous. Please do not trust this domain info. What’s more, the pharmacy is very new i.e. it’s operating for a year. Thus, the platform does not have enough experience and expertise in this field.

Business Profile Info

Do you now want to know the business profile info of Happyfamilymedstore.com? If yes, then please have a quick look at this section.

low trust rating

The pharmacy has just received just a 1% trust score. When the pharmacy has been given such a low trust rating, it’s pretty much clear that the drugstore website is extremely unreliable and untrustworthy.

RussiaThe identity of the business owner is hidden as well. Furthermore, the website is very young and it’s operating from a really high-risk country. Also, the website isn’t even optimized for search engines.

There are a business profile address and email id given. Kindly do not trust all these details. Being a rogue and scam pharmacy, this platform has purposely shared both domain info and business profile info.

Regulatory Approvals

In the previous sections, you have found the business profile info and domain info in the above sections. Unfortunately, all these details appear to be ambiguous.

Do you now want to know whether this online pharmacy has received any regulatory approvals or not? Well, this drugstore is a rogue internet pharmacy website.


Happyfamilymedstore.com has failed to comply with LegitScript’s internet pharmacy verification standards. Please note that it has been marked as a rogue site. Of course, the site is engaged in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.

Plus, the pharmacy website even sells poor quality medicines. More details about these medications are mentioned below.

Products and Pricing

What are the types of medicines available on Happyfamilymedstore.com? Well, this platform sells different types of generic pills including:



  Blood pressure

  General health

  Hair loss


  Men’s health

All these generic medicines are available at a low price. To be more precise, these medications will be priced a dollar or even less. Note, these are all generic types of pills.

Please note that these generic pills are not safe for your health. Please do not intake these medicines as they will not be safe for your health.

Payment and Shipping Policy

free shippingThe online website has different payment methods available, such as debit cards as well as credit cards. In case if you own major credit cards or debit cards like Visa and MasterCard, you can place an order with this drugstore.

Other available payment methods include E-Checks, SEPA, and crypto-transfers.

There are two shipping options available: Airmail standard shipping option and EMS Courier Delivery.

Delivery Timeline

For the EMS Courier Delivery method, the delivery will take around 3-8 business days. When the shipment is delivered through the Airmail standard method, the estimated delivery timeline will be around 2-3 weeks.

For the EMS Courier Delivery service, you will get a tracking number.

Customer Reviews

Do you know if Happyfamilymedstore.com has obtained any customer reviews? Well, no! Trustpilot.com does not have any customer testimonials.

no comments

As per Trustpilot, Happyfamilymedstore.com does not have any customer reviews, feedbacks, and ratings. Thus, it’s pretty clear that the drugstore is untrustworthy and unreliable.

Final Verdict

Happyfamilymedstore.com isn’t a trustworthy and reliable drugstore platform. This pharmacy is even mentioned as a rogue. That’s why our rating for this scam drugstore is only 15% trust.

Possible Alternatives

If you want to choose another online pharmacy, you can have a look at the pharmacy rating organized according to the level of our trust in them. This rating is based on our reviews and is available at the following link: https://pharmareviewer.com/top-ranked-stores/

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