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Heydoctor.com is an online medical consultation service that puts you in touch with qualified physicians in the US. They aim to simplify access to diagnoses and prescriptions. While they have the capacity to treat basic illnesses, the people behind the app encourage their patients to seek out additional medical assistance if the symptoms of their illnesses refuse to alleviate. People love this website because it places medical services and solutions at their fingertips.

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Origin CountryUnited States
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Pharmacy NameHeyDoctor
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Credit/Debit Cardyes
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Domain Info

registered in 2004The domain was created on the 28th of January 2004. That was roughly 16 years ago as of this moment. This gives you a strong reason to trust the company. Older websites are less likely to be scams. This is because medical scams don’t last long on the internet.

People discover them and report them at which point the relevant authorities proceed to boot them off the internet. A site that can survive online for more than five years is probably legit.

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Scamadviser.com gave the store a rating of 100 percent. You couldn’t ask for a better endorsement. The figure tells you that the pharmacy can be trusted. It has a valid SSL Certificate which proves that it takes data security seriously.

100% of trust

You can take comfort in the fact that your data and transactions are protected from intruders. The Alexa ranking is also quite high. This tells you that the store gets a lot of visitors which is even more encouraging. They must be doing something right to attract so much interest from patients.

It shares its server with nearly a hundred other sites, including:





Business Profile

This website is based in the US, specifically San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. It is operated by a bevy of industry leaders and experts, including Brendan Levy (Chief Medical Officer), Doug Kamerow (Assistant Surgeon General), and Sharon Orrange (Assistant Professor), to mention but a few.

mostly positiveIt isn’t that hard to provide a list of names accompanied by random pictures sourced from the internet before claiming that they are renowned leaders in the pharmaceutical arena. Online drugstores do this all the time to trick people into believing that they have a cadre of medical experts on their staff.

But in this case, it is quite easy to prove that these are real people. The site provides plenty of information about its employees that people can use to verify their identities and qualifications. As such, anyone that visits this platform can take comfort in the fact that they are in good, competent, experienced hands.

United StatesTo use the company’s services, you can visit their website or app. The platform will ask you to provide some information regarding your medical history and the condition that brought you to the platform.

You must also take a picture with your ID to prove your identity. Once you submit your information, the site’s physicians will review your information. They will provide a diagnosis and a prescription. They can either send your prescription to you through the mail or they can send it to a pharmacy of your choice.

Their services are simple and straightforward.

Regulatory Authorization

This is a genuine online medical resource that has been certified by Legitscript.com

Available Products

The site doesn’t sell medicine. It reviews your case and provides a prescription that you can use to get medicine from a real drugstore. They are concerned with treating most of the common illnesses. They encourage patients to consult a doctor in person if they suspect that they have a more serious illness.

a lot of different categories

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

This service is cheap, much cheaper than visiting a doctor in person. The typical visit costs 20 dollars. You don’t need insurance. This fee gets you a diagnosis and a prescription. After that, you must visit a pharmacy of your choice to get the drugs you want.

The site will tell you where you can find the most affordable drugs. For the moment, it is unclear as to how payments are made. Though, the site most likely accepts credit cards.

Reviews and Testimonials

The company has various positive reviews from app stores. Customers appreciate the fact that the app simplifies the process of consulting a doctor and getting a diagnosis. They also appreciate the low consultation fee.

positive comments


The medical website gets a trust score of 65%. It has regulatory authority, encouraging testimonials, and a strong rating from scamadviser.com.

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