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Trust Level70%

Honeybeehealth.com is a real Internet Pharmacy in the US. Most of the medical sites you encounter online are referral services. They don’t sell any actual medicine. Rather, they connect consumers to dispensaries with affordable drugs in international markets. But this company goes out of its way to emphasize the fact that it is a real pharmacy that follows HIPAA regulations. As such, you can trust them with your most intimate medical information knowing full well that they will do everything in their power to maintain your privacy.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUS
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameHoney Bee
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Details

This website was created on the 5th of October 2011. It has been in operation for a little over eight years now. That is a decent age. It gives you hope that this internet pharmacy is legit. It is rare to find scams that are older than five years.

in business since 2011

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If the age wasn’t encouraging enough, Scamadviser gave the website a trust rating of 100 percent. That is as high as trust ratings get. It proves that the website is trustworthy. Scamadviser determined that they have a valid SSL Certificate and a high Alexa ranking. This tells you that they get very many visitors which bodes well for their reputation.

100% of trust

It proves that they are a real business that has real customers. The site’s owner has been identified as ‘Honeybee Health’. A pharmacy that chooses to keep the identity of its owner a secret is probably hiding something.

Business Profile

This company has a beautiful website. It is very intuitive, easy to find your way around. Like most drugstores on the internet, this one has a database of drugs that you can browse to find the products you want. However, they also have a tool that allows you to make price comparisons.

It is designed to show you that you are buying the cheapest medicine available. Based in Culver City, CA, the website offers its services to consumers in 40 states. But it is working to expand its reach. The goal is to bring its offerings to customers in every corner of the US.

delivered to your door

The platform’s most appealing attribute is the low price tags it promotes. The site imputes the affordability of its products to the fact that it doesn’t have retail locations. As such, it doesn’t have to weather the administrative costs that traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies contend with.

They claim to be one of the most transparent medical entities in the business. Despite their low prices, they are not associated with any discount coupon companies. They also get all their medicine from manufacturers in the USA. This allows them to ensure that all the products they sell are FDA approved.

Their management team constitutes Doctor Jessica, the COO and co-founder, and Peter, CEO and also a co-founder.

Regulatory Authorization

Legitscript.com calls this a certified internet pharmacy. They are licensed to dispense medicine in places like:

NABP, HIPAA, BBB, Legitscript






As mentioned above, they are determined to bring their services to patients in all 50 states. The company is BBB accredited and HIPAA Compliant.

Available Products

The site sells some brand name medication. But most of their products are generic. They claim that they carry so many generic drugs because they are cheap and the site doesn’t want its consumers to pay more for their medicine than is necessary.

For the moment, they do not carry insulin. Prescriptions from a US doctor are mandatory.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The drugs sold here are very cheap. The company attributes this to the fact that it doesn’t deal with insurance companies that normally hike drug prices. The store also endeavors to sell its products at wholesale prices. They argue that most generic medicines are very cheap but most pharmacies raise their prices for no reason.

best quality meds with free shipping

As far as payments are concerned, you can use credit cards. They ship to 40 states at the moment. 2-day shipping costs $10. 7-10 day shipping is free. Deliveries are made using UPS.

Reviews and Testimonials

This site has excellent reviews on Trustpilot.com from consumers who love the fact that it offers prices that are too good to be true and yet the medicine is of the highest quality.

5 stars


This internet pharmacy earns 70% of trust. It allows people to get more medicine while spending less. The reviews are glowing, the accreditation is legitimate, and the scamadviser.com trust rating is high.

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