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Trust Level60%
60% is a traditional pharmacy based in North Carolina that serves the medical needs of customers in other parts of the country using the internet. They keep emphasizing the fact that they are not an internet pharmacy, not in the traditional sense. Rather, they use the internet to extend the reach of their brick-and-mortar business. They have garnered a reputation for providing access to high-quality medications at some of the most affordable prices on the market.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUS
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameMarley Drug
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailno
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Details

2007-10-30This website was created on the 30th of October 2007. That makes them 12-years-old which should immediately raise your trust in their services.

Most scams do not survive beyond the first four or so years. The fact that this one has thrived for over a decade makes them more reliable and easier to trust.

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Scamadviser gave this site a trust rating of 80 percent. As far as it is concerned, they are perfectly legit. The pharmacy shares its server with domains like:


The impressive trust ratings of these sites are further proof that the pharmacy can be trusted.

Business Profile

Even though their website only came online in 2007, the pharmacy behind it has been in operation since 2003. Dave Marley, a pharmacist and the CEO of the company, was compelled to start the drugstore after a poor experience with a big chain pharmacy.

Marley’s daughter needed medicine. He found one of the pharmacy but the employees were rude and his medicine wasn’t ready.

pharmacy building

After keeping him waiting for several minutes in a line with other angry customers, he finally learned that his medicine was out of stock and that he would have to return in three days. The pharmacist knew without question that, if he had the resources, he could do a far better job of treating his customers than the employees that had engaged him.

Half a year later, Marley opened ‘Marley Drug’. They found success relatively quickly. Within three years, they had moved into a larger space from where they could deploy technological solutions that were guaranteed to improve the customer experience.

BBB and LegitscriptMarley doesn’t want his customers to ever experience what he went through. His goal is to ensure that prescriptions are filled within 15 minutes. Because they are a smaller company, Marley’s people have the time to develop relationships with their customers. This allows them to cater to their needs more effectively.

Marley’s goal is to deliver a simple, old-fashioned, reliable pharmaceutical service.

Regulatory Authorization

Legitscript has certified this internet drugstore. As far as the resource is concerned, this company fulfills all the legal and transparency requirements it has set in place. They are also recognized by which gave them a rating of A+.


Available Products

This is an old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar pharmacy. As such, it sells every drug you might expect to find in an establishment of this sort. They also provide a lot of medical items.

reasonable price

They work with employers to create affordable medical plans for their employees. This is on top of encouraging doctors to refer patients to them, especially if they have no insurance. But you must send them a valid prescription before you get your drugs.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The company sells generic medical products. They are able to acquire them cheaply. This allows them to sell these drugs at a lower price. It is the reason why you can get a year’s supply of generic medicine from them for $70. They do not work with any middlemen that could cause a hike in prices.

They use US Priority mail to deliver medicine to customers from all over the US. It normally takes 2 days for your drugs to reach you. As far as your payment options are concerned, the pharmacy will call you to discuss the issue once you make your order.

Reviews and Testimonials

The site has several reviews on its platform from consumers who appreciate the pharmacy for making high quality but affordable drugs so easily accessible at a time when they were so desperate.



The internet pharmacy earns a rating of 60% of trust. Unlike many other pharmacies that only exist online, this one is a real business that you can visit at any time.

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