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Trust Level15%
15% is a Russian medical store that sells drugs online. You wouldn’t know from looking at the website that it is Russian. It has some ties to the US. Additionally, the domain name and the logo suggest that it comes from Canada. This is a deliberate effort to fool customers, and it is a sign that the company is a scam. After all, there is no acceptable excuse for misrepresenting one’s brand.

Domain Details
Origin CountryRussia
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameCanadian Drugstore
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Info

registered in 2019The domain was created on the 27th of February 2019. It will expire in 2021, just two years after it was created. The suspicion the store attracts is partly imputed to its young domain age.

Websites that are five years or younger are more likely to defraud their customers, especially if they don’t have a strong reputation that they need to protect.

Related Websites

The domain age isn’t your only concern where this company is concerned. gave them a trust score of 18 percent. That figure is so low that has encouraged its users to apply caution whenever they visit the pharmacy. The resource recognizes that this company presents a serious threat.

low trust

The over four dozen websites that are found on its server have equally problematic trust scores. They include:

Business Profile

The platform wants you to think that it started its operations over seven years ago but the domain age proves that this isn’t true. They supposedly strive to improve every aspect of their business to guarantee the satisfaction of their customers.

lots of red flagsThis is why they offer a full refund or re-shipping for people whose medication fails to arrive on time. They also have a hassle-free money-back guarantee that mitigates the risk of any consumer that is hesitant to give their hard-earned money to a store whose products may fail to deliver the promised results.

Their payment methods are supposed to be secure. They expect clients to volunteer personal, financial, and medical details that the company will use to provide personalized services. Their platform is PCI DSS compliant. Data transmissions with visitors are encrypted to prevent hackers from intercepting financial information.

Russia or USAll those claims are attractive. However, because the drugstore lied about its age, you can also assume that it lied about the quality of its services and security protocols. Even if those claims are real, the platform has failed to provide any evidence to back them, which is why it is all but impossible to take anything the firm says seriously.

The fact that they have a Canadian logo, name, and colors is further proof that they are up to no good. After all, they know that most consumers will take their word for it that they are Canadian. It is never a good business practice to take advantage of the ignorance of your clients.

Their connection to Russia is the most troublesome element because it is a high-risk country. As far as is concerned, communication with the store isn’t secure because it lacks an SSL Certificate.

Regulatory Authorization

If you look at their website, you might assume that they have CIPA, MIPA, and CPA accreditation and recognition. This is because they have all those seals displayed on their platform. But a visit to will show you that they are a rogue company that isn’t accredited by any organization in the US or Canada.


Available Products

The store sells a variety of drugs that treat arthritis, asthma, anxiety, depression, and every other common ailment. They have a lot of drugs related to sexual health in their inventory.


Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

free airmail deliveryThe company sells generic drugs that are cheaper than branded medicine. This is the reason why their prices are so low or at least one of the reasons. They also don’t pay taxes on the products they import or export.

You must use an electronic check, AmEx or Visa if you want to make payments to the site. They will ship your packages in 5 days-3 weeks depending on whether they use EMS or Registered Airmail. Reviews and Testimonials

If you browse through the company’s website, you will notice that many of the customer names on their testimonials page are familiar. This is because they appear on the sites of other fraudulent drugstores.

fake reviews


The medical website has chosen to lie about its age. It has also published fake reviews that it copied from other drugstores. Along with its connection to a high-risk country and the absence of an SSL Certificate, you have to assign it a rating of 15% of trust.

Possible Alternatives

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