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75% is not just an online pharmacy but offers consultation services by registered doctors as well. That is why; it can cater to many of your medical needs. However, before you order from such a pharmacy or opt for a consultation, it is essential to know more. Today, we will share with you our review to help you understand whether it is up to the mark or not.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUnited States
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameMedzino
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Company Information reviews claim to be a VIPPS accredited pharmacy. Moreover, it provides consultation only from licensed physicians. That is why you can be sure that the consultation will be legit. It clearly states that it only sells FDA approved drugs. With such overwhelming evidence, there is nothing to worry about.


Domain Information

work for a yearThe pharmacy has been around for one year. While compared to other pharmacies, one-year might be a lesser duration, but it is more than enough to indicate that it is a legit pharmacy. That is why the domain age certainly does not go against it.

Also, the pharmacy in itself does not make any fake claim regarding its experience or business age. That is why there are no red flags when it comes to domain information of the pharmacy.

Business Profile

located in the USWhile the website might be hosted in the United Kingdom, but the company clearly states that It has the address of the United States. It is based out of Austin, Texas.

It displays not just the complete address but also a phone number. So, you can be sure that it is as legit as a business can get. Though, if the domain had the United States hosting, that would be an additional plus.

Approval from Regulatory Agencies

When it comes to approval from the regulatory agencies, the pharmacy clearly states that it only sells authorized FDA approved drugs. It also provides consultation from licensed medical practitioners. It sells authorized prescription across 50 states and even the District of Columbia. If you’re looking for a legit pharmacy to consult online, this one is a pretty good option.

Available Products

The best thing about the pharmacy is that it sells drugs and products across various categories. It provides not only gender-specific drugs but also according to the problem from which you might be suffering. It can help you tackle ailments like:

men's related pills

  Hair loss

  Yeast infection

  Chronic diseases

  Acid reflux, and a variety of such illnesses

That is why chances are it can offer you the type of drug which you require.

Since it offers consultation from registered medical practitioners, if you’re not sure about the drug that you want to consume, you can opt for it and proceed with the medicines.


One of the best aspects of is that they compare their prices with other pharmacies to ensure that you to get the lowest possible price. Also, when you want to buy it, it is available in different packaging options. That is why you can buy the smaller packaging as well.

It means that buying drugs in bulk or the bigger packaging of each drug is not a necessity. It will help you save a significant amount of money when purchasing a new medicine.

Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy accepts most of the commonly used credit cards. With the help of a secure payment gateway, you can complete your payment in no time. It has a secure payment gateway, and the process is pretty fast as well.
If you order before 2 PM on any working day, the drugs are dispatched on the same day.

first-class and priority mail

Currently, they also provide free delivery all over the United States. It means that there is no additional delivery cost as well. They offer first-class mail and priority mail services. The first-class mail is entirely free and ensures that you get the drugs with 3 to 5 days. If you prefer priority mail, that is an option as well with a charge of $10. You can get your medications in just three days in that case.

Unlike many other pharmacies that require you to wait for weeks to get your drugs, you will not experience this problem when you’re going with this pharmacy. Since it sells safe FDA approved drugs, they are dispatched the right from the United States the same day itself in most cases. It allows you to save a lot of time as well as money.

Customer Reviews

In one year since it has commenced operation, it has garnered quite a few reviews.

satisfied customers

When you look for reviews online as well, you will know that quite a few websites have favorable reviews of the pharmacy. That is why, when it comes to customer experience, it scores well.

Conclusion is a legit pharmacy which provides you with FDA approved drugs. With the fast shipping, you will not have to wait for a long time either. Sure enough, the number of drug offerings could have been higher, but they are continually expanding their offerings. At the current stage as well, they cover a variety of ailments for which you can buy drugs.
Considering all these parameters, we give it a 75% trust rating.

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