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Some online pharmacies claim many things wrongly. Some pharmacies say they have been doing online business for more than 20 years. When you check their history, it will become evident that they lie about the experience. Scam online pharmacies can use many other tricks to lure customers into their trap. is one of these pharmacies. They show that they are the market leader in providing medical supplies for problems related to men’s health. We will test each of their claims by checking the authentic sources on the internet.

Domain Details
Origin CountryCanada
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameMy Canadian Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Name Information

registered in 2020The company claims that they have been doing online business for fifteen years. At the bottom of the page, they claim they have 20 years of experience. We checked the domain information to confirm the details. The domain was registered on 04-12-2020.

They have provided false information as they want to copy the market leaders with more than ten years of experience. They did not share their name and address in the domain information. We found details of a company that provides privacy to the domains in the information section. These are all characteristics of a scam website.

Business Profile

There is nothing special on the home page of the website. They have used a template of online pharmacies. When we check their headline on the google search, we find a red flag. They claim that they provide medicine for men’s health. It is a sign of a scam website as an online pharmacy should take responsibility for your health. does not take responsibility.

not required

They say that there is no need for a prescription. If anything happens to you, we are not responsible.


rogueIt is a scam website and does not have any accreditations. We have compared different pharmacies across the globe and did not find any authentic pharmacy without accreditation from the national registration body. Online pharmacy without a license is always a scam.

Their name indicated that they are operating in Canada. Their business operations are illegal because they do not have accreditation.


They claim that they provide generic and branded medicines. We may consider the medicines safe as they are from famous companies. There is a problem with their claim. We are not sure that their branded medicine is from the original company. Some online pharmacies are also providing fake branded medicines at a low price. They have also claimed that they are not responsible for your safety.

ssl certificate

We cannot trust them about the safety of the medicines after looking at all these factors. They have not taken measures for the website’s security as there is no secure lock or antivirus. They only have an SSL certificate.

Payment Information

visa, mastercard, American ExpressThey claim that they accept all payment methods. It appears to be a false claim. Even companies with more than ten years of experience cannot claim that. There are hundreds of payment gateways. You have to finalize your order and check with the company about the payment.

They will let you know the procedure to make the payment. Their payment process also appears to be a scam.

Service Process

You can get medical supplies from this website without a prescription. If you wish to upload the prescription, you can go to the bottom of the home page to find the upload option. You can also select the items from the list on their website. You may have to contact the company to get the payment details. You can make the payment. They will send the medical supplies after the payment appears in their account.

10% discount and free delivery

Customer Reviews

There is an easy way to test the claims of an online pharmacy. You can check their reviews on the Trustpilot. does not have any review on the Trustpilot. A company operating for 20 years must have reviews on the Trustpilot. It also proved that their claim about 20 years of experience is wrong.

no reviews

They do not have a customer review section on the website.


When a website provides false information, we will list it in the category of scam websites. This website has provided wrong information about the payment methods and experience. We do not recommend buying medical supplies from this website as we give a 25% of trust to this website because of false claims.

Possible Alternatives

If you want to choose another online pharmacy, you can have a look at the pharmacy rating organized according to the level of our trust in them. This rating is based on our reviews and is available at the following link:

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