Reviews – Disaster Can Happen is Russian. They sell medicine, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at their domain name. To be clear, their name and Russian origins are not the worst of their problems. The more you dig, the easier it becomes to dismiss them as a fraudulent platform.

Domain Details
Origin CountryRussia
Business Profile
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

registered in 2017The domain was created in 2017, specifically on the 14th of August, which doesn’t do them any favors because it immediately lets you know that they are relatively young. Admittedly, many online pharmacies are just a few months old. So this one, which is three years old at the moment, is far better.

But you cannot use that comparison to defend them. Three years is still dangerously young. The only way you would give a store this young a chance is if they gave you several reasons to believe that they can be trusted. But they haven’t done that.

Related Websites has chosen to categorize them as an old website. Unlike the average consumer, it was impressed by the three years they have spent on the internet. However, it still chose to give them a rating of 1 percent, which shows that their age makes very little difference.

1% of trust

You would have expected the resource to cut them some slack after it realized that they had a valid SSL certificate. But it still wasn’t enough to convince to give them a higher rating.

Business Profile

Their business profile is shady. They come from Russia. But they haven’t revealed this to their consumers. Even more alarming is their decision to omit their business address. This is bound to raise questions among people who only transact with stores whose origins and location are clear and verifiable.

mostly negative

A website that cannot authenticate its location and origins by providing a legit business address cannot prove that it is a tangible company. This one has made things worse by making several ridiculous claims.

For instance, they want everyone to believe that they are owned by an IT firm that opened its doors in 1992. Apparently, the drugstore is just a side project that the IT firm started because it wanted to revolutionize the online pharmaceutical industry.


You can probably guess their biggest issue. They haven’t revealed the identity of this IT firm or where it comes from. They added this element to their profile because their domain age is obviously poor.

They clearly wanted to hide behind the decades-long experience of this imaginary IT firm. But now that you know that the organization isn’t real, you have even fewer reasons to take them seriously. The most attractive facet of their claims is the section that suggests that the security of their customers’ payments is handled by a bank.

But again, they won’t reveal the identity of the bank. They made an even bigger mistake when they told their consumers that some drugstores secure their SSL certificates through fraud. This only succeeds in compelling their clients to question the platform’s security. Their lies will fool some people. But most patients are smart enough to see through their facade.

Regulatory Authorization

If you are convinced that this website is a scam, agrees with you. It rewarded their lies with a rogue classification.


Available Products

They have so many supplements for men and women. You wouldn’t be wrong in concluding it is their main focus.


Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

Their drugs are supposedly 5-15 percent cheaper than the items you find in traditional dispensaries. They can offer such competitive prices because they don’t use middlemen. They get their merchandise directly from suppliers in India, the Philippines, and China.

You have no reason to believe them. They deliver to various countries, including:

worldwide shipping, refund






They only ship to countries where it is legal to import drugs. It takes a maximum of 60 days. They charge a fee of $29. They offer both Regular shipping and Express Mail but Regular shipping doesn’t have tracking features. Reviews and Testimonials

For a company that has been selling medicine for three years, it is a little surprising to learn that they don’t have any customer reviews on the internet.

not found


They have tried and failed to trick people into believing that they are legitimate, which is why they get a trust rating of 20%.

Possible Alternatives

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