OkPil.com Reviews – Fake Promises

Trust Level10%

OkPil.com internet pharmacy announces itself as a safe, easy and discreet one based in Europe. It presents itself in a humble manner, looking to earn your trust from all directions. Unfortunately for them, this review uncovers that the drugstore is nothing new but yet another substandard, fraudulent and rogue pharmacy. Get more about the pharmacy as you continue perusing.

Domain Details
Origin CountryCzech Republic, United States
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameOnline Pharmacy Europe
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingfor orders over $90
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

Records have it clear on WhoIs that this apothecary’s domain name was registered on 18-06-2015. As per our several years’ experience with pharmacies coupled with what’s there in history, newer domain names are always riskier than their older counterparts. It will be difficult to trust a new merchant than an older one. This pharmacy is a newer one.



You land into an insecure website with your device upon a successful loading of the pharmacy’s domain name. Such a website is open to hackers and all the other sorts of online trespassers, despite exposing your device to viruses and all other sorts of dangers.

Business Profile

USThe company name under which this store operates is unknown. There aren’t details about it, neither is there a hint to who owns the company. In fact, this store uses an anonymous service to hide the company name, possibly for fear that it can impact negatively on its profile. There are mixed opinions regarding the location of the store and/or its website. While some believe that it could be native to the Czech Republic, others link it to the United States. ScamAdviser believes that the pharmacy website is linked to both countries, with the Czech Republic having better chances than the US. The contact address provided (Jaurisova 515/4) has no sign of such a business like a pharmacy being undertaken in the location.


drugsAccording to the store, there is a plethora of both brand name and generic drugs available for sale online. In reality, there are really not many conditions for whose drugs are available in store. The company chiefly dispenses generic men’s health medications. These are the drugs commonly sold by rogue pharmacies. They seem to generate more profits in less time. Speaking about quality, the generics aren’t safe! We confirmed that the FDA has no hand in the sale of these drugs. Likewise, there isn’t any valid information as to where the drugs are sourced.


It’s evident by comparison that this business has overpriced its products. We did a comparison of prices between its generic products and the same in tens of other similar drugstores and noticed that our pharmacy still charges the highest. Given the products’ poor quality, this is a fraud.

Regulatory Approvals

Apparently, there aren’t any certifiers and/or regulatory bodies that have passed this pharmacy as a worthwhile one. Here is the evidence:


   LegitScript has marked it a rogue internet pharmacy

   It is considered only 23% safe for use by ScamAdviser

   The pharmacy doesn’t feature among the websites passed by NABP to be safe

To this effect, we can conclude that the pharmacy operates illegally and that there are high chances that it runs unscrupulous deals. That’s why it’s evading or is not worth approval.

Payments and Shipping

If you happen to order a drug from the website and you have just clicked the “checkout” button, you’ll notice that the website redirects into a safe-for-browsing web page. Indeed, this business owns a valid SSL certificate and this sounds good for the security of your card. You can pay for your orders via:


   Visa and MasterCard


   JCB and Diners Club

All of them are credit cards that are popular hence there won’t be many difficulties with finding your match. Shipping is done via Trackable Courier Service and International Unregistered Airmail. In the FAQ web page, it isn’t specified the ETA of both methods. Shipping is claimed to be free.

Customer Feedback

The website has some three reviews displayed on every page. They are allegedly from TrustPilot. When we visited the alleged source, we found out that the online store hasn’t even been claimed there. The case is the same as another reviewing site dubbed MyWot (My Web Of Trust). So, the website has no feedback from any source.



There are too many issues with this drugstore. The bad outnumber the good. Drugs here are of the lowest quality ever. No certification is given to it as a safe pharmacy. It has an unclear location and operates under an unknown business name. The lack of reviews renders it void of evidence of the quality of services offered. Although it is safe for your credit cards during checkout, this is just a way to make you complete the payment process fast for them to get the money. For all this and others, OkPil.com online pharmacy deserves a 10% rating.

Possible Alternatives

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