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Trust Level15%

97% of pharmacies do not meet the threshold of considerable standards to qualify for the name “safe drugstores” and this is according to the Food and Drugs Administration. Vigilance is, therefore, needed on the side of the customer, and reading reviews like this is one way of being vigilant. For today, peruse the review of this pharmacy to make another step towards your safety. Briefly, On-line-Meds.com is yet another rogue European-based online pharmacy’s website.

Domain Details
Origin CountryLithuania, Seychelles
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameFirst Medicine Online Pharmacy Store
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
TelephoneUS: +1-760-284-3222
EU: +4420-3286-3820
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingfor every order over $200
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Info

Registered just six months ago (on 28-09-2018), this apothecary’s domain name is still too young to be trusted (information obtained from WhoIs). According to our several years’ long experience, we have never met a reliable pharmacy of such a youthful age. Most pharmacies in this age cohort have been proved guilty for fraud and lack of safety. History repeats itself and we can’t, therefore, invest out trust in this pharmacy, based on its age alone.


Business Profile

This is where most pharmacies get into the mud. As it is the trend in most of the untrustworthy drugstores, this drugstore hides a lot of information from its clients. Some of such information is that about its relevant administrative name, registrant’s name and technical name. In addition to the hidden contact, names are the pharmacy’s location.


It is difficult to establish the country in which the domain name lies in the European continent or Africa. However, suggestions close to the truth are available and according to one of them, ScamAdviser, this is the location possibility of the website:

   Lithuania 61%

   Seychelles 39%

When a pharmacy hides its location, the owners must be hiding something shady from people.

Drugs Sold

productsNo original (brand-name) drugs are sold at this pharmacy. All their medications are generics. Although if approved by the relevant regulatory bodies, the generics are also effective and cheaper drugs. Contrary to this, the wide selection of generics at this drugstore is all counterfeit drugs. We knew this from having known that they aren’t FDA-approved. Meanwhile, the wide selection of drug categories include, but are not limited to the following:

   Sexual health drugs



   Pain relief drugs, etc.


The poor-quality medications are well priced. In fact, their prices are highly affordable and we could establish that it happens so because they’re sourced from unverified sellers without any regulatory expenses incurred. This is dangerous though. A lot of offers come along with purchasing any drugs from the pharmacy. One is the inclusion of a free pill with every order. Another one is the availability of many and different discount coupons.

free shipping

Regulatory Approvals

Let’s see if the following regulatory bodies approve or reject the quality of this pharmacy’s products and customer services:


   It doesn’t appear in the CIPA database

   ScamAdviser gives it zero trust rating

   No other approvals

A “no” in everything means that the pharmacy isn’t even operating under the government’s regulations. That means no one can be held accountable if the pharmacy does anything wrong to you.


When you navigate through the website to the checkout page, it redirects into a secure web page. That aims at protecting your payment card details. The new web page also loads faster and has simpler instructions to follow for the payment process. You know this is the most important stage for the pharmacy so they must ensure maximum security. Payment options accepted are via:




shippingTurning to deliveries, this pharmacy claims to deliver to all worldwide countries. Your order can always reach you from the pharmacy via two shipping modes. EMS Courier that has a waiting period of between 3-8 business days (not guaranteed) and costs $20. The order is trackable but this option isn’t available to some countries. Free EMS shipping is offered for orders above $300. Airmail that has a waiting period of 2-3 weeks (not guaranteed) and costs $10. Not trackable. The option is available in almost all worldwide countries. Free Airmail shipping is offered for all orders above $200. Generally, these delivery terms are quite alluring and good.


Jackson from Italy, Benjamin from Andorra, Samuel from Spain, and the likes are fake profiles that we’ve been meeting across the fraudulent online pharmacies in the world that we’ve reviewed. These are copied fake testimonials meant to entice more unsuspecting customers. Just don’t trust them. Consequently, we went for the feedback from neutral sites, where our efforts bore no fruits as the website hasn’t yet been claimed on both TrustPilot and MyWot. The website isn’t even popular.



A pharmacy with fake feedback, no approvals, and certifications, sells poor quality drugs, and does more unscrupulous deals shouldn’t be trusted at all. With this review at hand, you now know more about On-line-Meds.com and it’s upon you to decide for safety or danger. For us, we do not recommend it to you and award it a deserved a 15% trust level.

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