Onmen.ca Reviews – Honest Analysis

Most pharmacy business owners have transferred their businesses online due to high profitability. They can only target a small number of people when dependent on the retail location. Onmen.ca is one of the websites providing pharmacy services online. When we checked the website, we found many indications that the website is legit. There were also indications of poor services. We have arranged all this information in this article to help you decide on this company.

Domain Details
Origin CountryCanada
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameOn Men
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingno
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Information

in business since 2018When we dug some website information on WHOIS, we found the domain was registered on 16-11-2016. It also gave information that the website had been updated in 2021. We can say that the website is relatively new in this category. One thing raised a red flag on the website during this search.

The owner of the website has made his contact information private. It means that they do not want to give all the information about the online pharmacy. It can lead to trust issues also.

Business Profile

Although they claim they are providing pharmacy services, the company is not specialized in all types of pharmacy services. The website only targets the disease related to men. It also means that their claim that they are providing complete pharmacy services online is a scam.

men's related pills

They have a small range of products designed for problems related to men only. They are not offering dispensing services. It is the core of online pharmacies.


All online pharmacies should have a license to practice from the NAPRA. We did not find any license on the website even after checking all the pages. They have mentioned that they will provide the license copy when requested. It can be a way to scam people.

There are no details about the pharmacists on duty. You cannot be sure that you are talking to the professional when you call them. They claim that they have a team of professionals. Without a copy of the license and personal details, it looks like a fake claim.

Safety and Customers Reviews

You need to be sure that your information is secure when making an online transaction. We can start by checking the most basic security. This website has an active SSL certificate on the website. It is also evident that they do not have any other online certificate to prove their safety.


They have a 3.4-star rating on the Trustpilot. They have many positive reviews there. Some customers also claimed that they have overcharged their credit cards. It is a sign that you cannot trust this website fully. It has one positive point as it is LegitScript certified.

They have a secure website but we are unsure about the availability of professional staff.

Payment Options

They have not provided details about the payment options. We can assume that they are taking cash on delivery and bank transfer. It is not clear as you have to contact the company to get this detail. The lack of payment information also raises a red flag on this website. The claims of the Trustpilot about the payment scams can be true.


Service Process

The service process is simple on this website. You can visit the website and contact the company using the online chat option as the company will provide the details about the services. They will offer you a free online consultation. You need to be sure that the online consultation is provided by licensed professionals as they have not provided any details about the professionals.

no fake medicines

After the free consultation, they may prescribe you a medicine for your condition. You can pay online. After the payment, the company will dispatch the medicines to your home. You will get all your medication on your doorstep.


By looking at all the aspects of this website in detail, we can conclude that this website deserves a trust rating of 60%. This rating is dependent on the rating given by the customers on the Trustpilot. It is also evident that the website is not providing all the legit services. They have also hidden their contact information on the WHOIS. It indicates that the website can be a scam. It may also mean that the website is not operated in Canada. The company does not provide any customer testimonials also.

Possible Alternatives

If you want to choose another online pharmacy, you can have a look at the pharmacy rating organized according to the level of our trust in them. This rating is based on our reviews and is available at the following link: https://pharmareviewer.com/top-ranked-stores/

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