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Trust Level10%

Pills4you.net is the website within which an online pharmacy that bears an alleged business name “Online Pharmacy,” with a tagline that promises safe and highest quality meds is operated. We have established that Online Pharmacy is a group of online offenders that is similar to Canadian Drugstore, and both bodies usually run inexperienced, deceitful and dangerous drugstores. Let’s delve into the details of this website to find out what it has to offer.

Domain Details
Origin CountrySerbia, Russia
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
TelephoneUS: +1-800-715-5341
EU: +44-203-318-5981
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingfor orders over $200 (Airmail)
for orders over $300 (Courier)
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Details

We established that this pharmacy is as old as its domain name, which was registered just a few months ago on 09-11-2018. Also, the domain name was registered for a twelvemonth’s period. It is in the public domain that businesses with such ages do not usually have enough experience as well as expertise to handle drugs. You’ll be putting your life in danger by trading with such companies.


Business Profile

SerbiaNicenic International Group is hosting the pharmacy’s domain name. The group (host) has quite a number of rogue drugstores’ domain names hosted by it, as well. Such a record gives it a “company-that-registers-rogue-businesses” profile. Looking at the location details shared, the pharmacy has a clear intention of misleading its customers. The location isn’t complying with what most reliable third party domain location websites are suggesting. While ScamAdviser suggests that the pharmacy could be in Serbia or the Russian Federation, it gives false information that it is based in the Czech Republic. Such is a trend seen with the scam pharmacies.


The list of drugs that are claimed to be dispensed by the pharmacy is quite an impressive one. It contains drugs for various conditions like:



   Skincare meds

   Antifungal meds

   Women’s health drugs

   Pain relief drugs, among many others

There’s, however, a concern with them. All the drugs are generics without a defined source. This raises the first red flag. Also, the FDA does not acknowledge their sale, thus didn’t approve them for sale, which means that their quality is compromised. Drugs with such qualities are counterfeits that aren’t fit for human use. We loved the pricing, though after uncovering that the drugs are of the lowest quality, this pricing can’t be appreciated anymore.


Approvals from regulatory bodies are the only valid evidence of a legit pharmacy. Unfortunately, this pharmacy is devoid of any. All the following regulatory bodies haven’t approved the pharmacy as a legitimately operating medical facility:

no trust




   ScamAdviser also gives it a null trust rate (0%)

Payments and Shipping

Customers should make all their payments online using the following options only:





The page in which payments are made is one that’s always used across many fraudulent pharmacies like this one. It is safe and the loading speed is a bit faster. Your order will be sent to you using one of the following means of shipping:

free delivery

   EMS – 5-7 days in ETA and offers a tracking service for the order

   Registered Airmail – 2-4 weeks in terms of ETA and no tracking

Shipping is done worldwide. The concern in this section, however, is that there aren’t reliable customer feedbacks that confirms receipt of orders from the pharmacy. You are likely to lose all your money if you order and make advanced payments to the shop.

Customer Feedback

When you use any search engine to try finding a section of the testimonials displayed on this pharmacy’s website, results will show you that they have been used across a number of rogue drugstores, too. This is clear evidence that the reviews are not original to the pharmacy. After searching on third-party review websites for the store’s reviews, we also found none. So, the drugstore doesn’t have its own customer feedbacks, or even the customers themselves.

fake comments


Like many others, Pills4you.net exhibits real characteristics of a typically illegal and rogue pharmacy. The pills are not for you as the domain name suggests since they have the lowest quality drugs without a known source. No reviews can also confirm any of the pharmacy’s claims. There are more red flags apart from just these. The pharmacy, therefore, deserves nothing more than a 10% trust rating for all its traits.

Possible Alternatives

If you want to choose another online pharmacy, you can have a look at the pharmacy rating organized according to the level of our trust in them. This rating is based on our reviews and is available at the following link: https://pharmareviewer.com/top-ranked-stores/

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