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Trust Level20%

PillStore.to is an underhand European online apothecary that deals in low-quality meds! Despite this fact, alluring promises to fill the website’s webpages promises that are never fulfilled. To grok exactly why we conclude that this is just but another unsafe drugstore for you, kindly continue perusing.

Domain Details
Origin CountryRussia, Germany
Business Profile
Pharmacy NamePillStore
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit CardVisa
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Information

We realized that this is one of the oldest scammers around. This was after confirming the drugstore’s registration records with WhoIs, which is a trusted website for querying databases. We found out that the domain name was registered on 04-01-1999, more than 20 years ago! This is quite weird with rogue drugstores. If you are the type that trusts drugstores based on their ages, the company could have enticed you successfully. However, this godsend review is here to rescue you.


Business Profile

Important business registration details are concealed by the business. The registrant’s name and organization are among them. A legitimate and honest business doesn’t see the need for hiding such details since they are always verifiable. Such information is always also important to clients as they help with the process of evaluating trustworthiness. Although we know that this store is based in Europe, we aren’t sure about the exact country in which it lies as it isn’t made clear on the website. According to ScamAdviser, this is the possible location analysis of the drugstore:


   Russian Federation: 42%

   Germany: 30%

   Netherlands: 28%

Most untrustworthy web drugstores have this trend. The domain name host is GoDaddy, the notorious host that seems to register “any domain name that deals in illegal businesses”.

Products and Pricing

antibioticsRanging from antibiotics to men’s health drugs, weight loss supplements to skin care products, the pharmacy deals in a very wide selection of generic drugs. Its stock of drugs is commendable. Drugs that aren’t verified by both the WHO and the FDA are no doubt of low quality. Besides, the country involved in manufacturing drugs is a victim of producing counterfeit medications. Together, these are factors that give you no reason for buying your drugs from this shop. Despite the fact that the drugs could just be counterfeit products from a suspected country, they are overpriced! This clearly shows how much the drugstore is desperate for cash for nothing good to offer.

Regulatory Approvals

There are no European online pharmacies’ regulatory bodies under which the pharmacy is regulated. None of these regulators has the store’s domain name in their databases. The pharmacy is, therefore, operating illegally.

rogue status


The website redirects into a faster and safer webpage when one reaches the checkout stage. This is to ensure that your credit cards are protected from third-party intruders and that the process is fast, which is good anyway, but not for a drugstore that sells low-quality meds. You can check out only with Visa and MasterCard. These are just a few options especially when it is considered that the shop dishes out drugs to a global clientele base.


Delivery terms are quite pleasing, but not verifiable. To begin with, the delivery services used by the pharmacy are:


   US Priority Mail – costs $35 and an ETA of 3-6 working days

   Express Delivery Service – has an of ETA 7-14 working days and costs $29.95

More terms are that in case your order hasn’t arrived by the end of 30 days, a reshipment will be done by the pharmacy, but only for orders sent via the Express Delivery service. The choice of the US Priority Mail Service is at the buyer’s own risk. That sounds dangerous.

Customer Feedback

no feedbackNo one can give a better description of a service that one who has used it. That’s why past customer reviews are the most trustworthy source of a service’s information. Unfortunately, there’s no avenue provided for customers to air their feedback, neither are there past customers’ feedbacks posted for newbies to help them judge the nature of services. This is a red flag raised for the drugstore. Coupled with the fact that we also never found the reviews from third-party websites like TrustPilot and MyWot, the drugstore must be using a service to hide its feedback.


It is evident that you won’t be in the right hands when dealing with this online apothecary. From the poor quality medications, lack of regulatory approvals, poor business profile with hidden information, and more, we conclude that PillStore.com deserves not more than a 20% trust level.

Possible Alternatives

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