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Trust Level15%
15% is an internet pharmacy based in the United States. They sell and deliver medicine to customers in most countries around the world. They only stock approved medical items acquired from licensed suppliers and manufacturers. They aim to make generic and brand-name drugs easier to find and purchase.

Domain Details
Origin Countryunknown
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameProMed24
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Info

The website was created on the 6th of March 2019. That makes them barely a month old. It is hard to approach new internet pharmacies without suspicion. There are so many fraudulent medical sites online today that the easiest way to separate the scams from the legit businesses is to look at their lifespans. When a website is this new, it has no reputation to fall back on. For that reason, you have no choice but to approach it with caution.

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This drugstore shares its server with over three hundred other websites. Most of these domains have decent ratings from ScamAdviser, which is promising. This website’s own ScamAdviser trust rating is 43%. But the site is so new that the rating doesn’t mean anything at the moment. Given time, that number might either rise or fall even further.

unknown reputation

Business Profile

unknownThis company is associated with both Germany and the United States. There is no way to definitively determine its country of origin. The owner is also unknown, having chosen to hide their identity using an anonymous service. Like any internet pharmacy, this business buys and then resells drugs. Because they have partnered with dispensaries in cheap markets, they are in a place to avail drugs to consumers at an affordable price. They claim to only work with reliable manufacturers whose products have been approved by the relevant bodies. They also claim to utilize very strict criteria when selecting drug manufacturers. But none of those claims can be verified. They have a decent presence on the internet. They try to stay in touch with their customers. Their objective is to deliver optimal satisfaction. So they frequently use the feedback they receive to make changes to their operations. Besides promising efficient shipping, a user-friendly website and dedicated customer support mechanisms, the medical firm also guarantees the security of all the information they collect from clients.

Regulatory Authorization

This online drugstore has no legal authority to dispense drugs. LegitScript has never even heard of them, and neither has NABP or any other regulatory body of significance. That makes them an illegal organization that is breaking the law every time it sells and delivers drugs.

can be illegal

Available Products

drugsThe drugstore claims to sell generic and brand-name products of varying shapes, formats, and sizes. But they seem to have more generic drugs on hand than branded items. In fact, a lot of their online literature is designed to convince consumers that generic drugs are just as potent in their efficacy as branded drugs. Additionally, they specialize in the sale of sex-related medicine. That being said, their online catalog includes medication that treats asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, hair loss, and various other ailments. It is worth noting that you do not need a prescription to buy medicine from this website. The firm encourages you to consult your doctor before making a purchase. But prescriptions are not a mandatory requirement.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The prices you will encounter on this website are quite low, probably because of this pharmacy deals in generic products that are always cheaper to acquire because they are not bogged down by research, development, and marketing costs. When it comes to payments, the available options include:


   Visa and MasterCard




On the issue of deliveries, consumers can choose between:delivery

   Trackable Courier service which can take up to nine days

   Registered Airmail which can take up to 21 days

Additional delays might arise depending on whether or not orders are delivered by postal service. Shipping costs will also vary depending on the destination.


You can find plenty of testimonials on this company’s website. Most of them feature consumers who praise the pharmacy for its great generic drugs and efficient delivery process. But there is no way to prove that any of the reviews on the website were written by real people.

might be fake


This website earns a trust level of 15%. It is simply too new to warrant any substantial trust. The resource might eventually prove its worth down the line. But for the moment, the lack of regulatory authority and authentic customer feedback is off-putting.

Possible Alternatives

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