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65% is a unique entity in the internet pharmaceutical arena. It isn’t a pharmacy per se. Rather, it is a collection of pharmacies, a network, to be more exact. Based in Canada, it combines the offerings of different medical firms into a single service that it delivers to patients through an online platform. You won’t find many internet pharmacies or referral services that look like this.

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Domain Info

registered in 2016This website was created on the 30th of March 2006. As of this moment, it has a whopping 13 years under its belt. That is a lot of time to remain operational, especially for an internet pharmacy.

It gives you hope that the site is legit and it can be trusted to deliver the many promises it makes.

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As far as scamadviser is concerned, this website is completely trustworthy. After all, the resource gave them a trust rating of 98 percent. This is the highest rating a site can get. It is only assigned to platforms that Scam Adviser believes pose no threat to users.


The server that hosts the pharmacy is also home to portals like:

Business Profile

This website is the property of McKesson Canada, a Canadian corporation that created this platform because it wanted to help budding entrepreneurs conquer the medical arena whilst also improving the quality of pharmaceutical care they offered to patients.

The pharmacies operating under McKesson’s umbrella are all independently owned. But they all have a shared desire to help patients live better lives by providing holistic care. McKesson, through this website, does quite a few things.

address and phone numberIf you want to open your own pharmacy in Canada, they will give you the tools and the support you need to do so but only if your pharmacy agrees to operate within their network. Pharmacies that choose to partner with this platform enjoy many benefits.

They can take advantage of the website’s recognizable brand to grow their customer base. McKesson will also provide an operating system, a store planning team, store-level support, access to National Pharmacy Patient Support programs, etc.

They will help you create and operate the best pharmacy possible, one that is efficient and profitable. On the customer side of things, using their vast and ever-growing network of pharmacies, this platform will transfer your prescriptions, provide medication reviews and updated lists of any drugs you might be taking, perform home visits, educate you on nutrition, and eliminate your medical waste, to mention but a few.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they do everything. Their services are so comprehensive because they have so many pharmaceutical partners.

Regulatory Authorization

Legit Script calls this a Certified platform because the site has met all its strict legal, transparency, and safety standards. This is one of the benefits the website’s pharmacies enjoy. Legit Script has specifically certified McKesson Canada.


And because the other pharmacies are under the McKesson umbrella, they are in a position to enjoy the benefits of that certification.

Available Products

As was mentioned above, this pharmacy has its hands in a variety of pies. It offers actual medicine, performs tests, and carries out vaccinations along with numerous other tasks. It is just as holistic as it claims to be.

lots of treatment

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The online store has pharmaceutical partners scattered throughout Canada. As such, the payment and delivery details are going to vary depending on the branch you have chosen to engage and the services they have on offer.

As far as pricing is concerned, the drugs sold here are nothing special. They are not shockingly expensive but they are also not so cheap that the price tags deserve a mention.

Reviews and Testimonials

For a website that has been around for over a decade, you might be surprised to learn that they have no notable customer reviews online. But that makes some sense. The pharmacy’s employees are very hands-on.

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The site encourages direct communication between doctors and their patients. And once that personal communication begins, most of the patients have no reason to return to the online platform to leave a review.


This medical website earns a trust rating of 65%. It has been certified by Legit Script. You can’t really argue against that assessment, not from a resource as renowned as

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