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Trust Level65%
65% is an American company that provides medical solutions to the unique challenges that men face. This includes sexual health, mental health, and hair loss. They have been in operation for quite a number of years which is why they enjoy the trust of so many customers in the US.

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Origin CountryUnited States
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameRex MD
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

registered in 2007The website was created on the 25th of February 2007. That was roughly 13 years ago as of this moment. When it comes to the pharmaceutical arena, you can generally trust any store that has been around for more than five years.

This one has more than a decade of experience under its belt. You have every reason to trust it.

Related Websites gave the pharmacy a rating of 100 percent, proving definitively that they can be trusted. It also noted that they share their server with seven other portals, including:

100% of trust

All these websites have strong ratings. This cements the legitimacy of this pharmacy. You rarely find genuine medical stores walking in the company of scams. The reverse is also true. You rarely find scams associating with genuine websites.

Business Profile

The owner of this company has been identified as Stefan Galluppi. This rarely happens. Most pharmacies, even the legit ones, have owners that prefer to remain anonymous. This is always problematic because it makes customers think that they are hiding something.

United StatesThis individual’s decision to publish his name, announcing his connection to this pharmacy is monumental because it rarely happens. It encourages you to trust everything the pharmacy has to say. noted that it has a high Alexa ranking. This tells you that it receives a lot of visitors. That is another consideration to keep in mind. If patients are looking to this platform to meet their medical needs and they are doing so in large numbers, the site must be doing something right.

To use their services, you must sign up. The platform will ask you to volunteer information related to your medical history and any symptoms you might have noticed. A licensed physician will review your information to identify the proper treatment for your illness.

Once they find the drug you need, they will ship it to you. The company is targeted towards people that have illnesses that they are too embarrassed to mention to a doctor. They also target people that are tired of waiting for hours to see a doctor.

free consult, fast shipping

They will assign each patient to a doctor within their state. You will communicate with one another via phone or through the computer depending on your preference. They have a valid SSL Certificate, so you can rest assured that all the information you share is safe and secure.

Doctors are always available to answer questions even after your drugs are delivered to you. Most patients can expect to receive responses from their doctors within 24 hours.

Regulatory Authorization has certified this company. As far as it is concerned, they are an authentic medical entity that adheres to their strict legal, safety, and transparency standards.


Available Products

The store sells medicine for issues like hair loss and sexual health that affect men. You don’t need a prescription. The doctor assigned to you will review your information and prescribe a treatment option.

the lowest price

The store’s services are available in 46 states at the moment. As such, you can trust them to find a doctor within your state to review your case. Every medical professional they employ is licensed and board-certified.

The drugs they sell come from GoGoMeds, a company that procures inex[ensive medications.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

46 statesBecause the drugstore cuts out the middleman and sells its medicine directly to customers, its products are up to 85 percent cheaper than those found in the average pharmacy.

Drugs are shipped discreetly using Standard USPS. Shipping is free and it takes between 2 and 4 days. While you have to pay a fee to consult a doctor, they will give you a refund if they fail to find the appropriate treatment for you

Reviews and Testimonials

The website has plenty of reviews on its platform but you have no way of knowing whether or not they are genuine. It doesn’t have testimonials anywhere else.



This internet pharmacy gets a trust score of 65%. It has given you multiple reasons to conclude that it is a legitimate medical entity operating over the internet.

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