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Looking for a reliable online pharmacy that guarantees the supply of top-quality generic medications? Look no further than Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com! They source their medications directly from India and claim that all drugs are FDA-approved and produced using the finest raw materials at a world-class manufacturing plant. But don’t just take their word for it – our review will provide you with an in-depth look at the transparency and quality of their products. We’ll help you make an informed decision and ensure that you receive safe and effective medications for your health needs. Read on to find out whether Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com is a scam or legit.

Domain Details
Origin CountryPakistan
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameTablets
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Name Information

Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com has been providing reliable services to its customers for almost a decade, having been registered on 14-10-2014. However, the domain is set to expire on 14-10-2023, so it’s crucial to take advantage of their services while they’re still available.

This online pharmacy actively encourages customers to benefit from its offerings and make the most out of their purchases. They also take the upkeep of their web presence seriously, as evidenced by the most recent update on 10-08-2022.


They guarantee that all their medications are FDA-approved and produced using only the best raw materials at a world-class manufacturing plant. But we need more research to determine whether it is a legit or a scam online pharmacy.

  Domain registered on: 14-10-2014

Address provided: No

  Phone number: 1 866 598 4352

Business Profile

The Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com website claims to guarantee FDA-approved medications that are compliant with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India (1940). However, the lack of proper documentation about the company and its operations is concerning and raises doubts about the legitimacy of its claims. These doubts are further reinforced by the lowest possible rating of 1/100 given to them by Scam Adviser, a trusted third-party rating website.

low trust

Additionally, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) does not recommend this pharmacy, which should warn potential customers. Like other scam online pharmacies, this one also does not have a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Regulatory Approvals

Our investigation has revealed that this e-pharmacy lacks proof of regulatory practices, business licenses, and employee credentials, raising concerns over their legitimacy. Online pharmaceutical companies must comply with regulatory approvals to ensure the safety and quality of products for customers. The fact that this online pharmacy was not recommended by the NABP and was labelled as “rogue” on LegitScript only adds to our skepticism about their practices.

not recommended

Compliance with regulatory approvals is crucial as it shows that the e-pharmacy cares about the safety and well-being of its customers. If an e-pharmacy fails to comply, it raises red flags about its commitment to customer safety.

Products and Pricing

With an extensive list of products ranging from Alcoholism to Skin Care, this A-Z pharmaceutical company seems to carry medications for every possible health issue. But while they claim that all their products are manufactured in approved facilities and carry FDA-approval ratings, there’s no proof to back up these assertions. You can find various medicines starting from as low as $0.30.


Despite providing pricing and dosage information, this e-pharmacy doesn’t hold a license to justify the quality of its products, making it hard to trust its claims. As always, it’s important to be cautious when buying medications online and ensure you get them from a legitimate source.

Payment and Shipping

According to their website, they offer two payment options for their customers: credit card and Bitcoin.

However, there are some red flags that I feel obligated to point out. Firstly, no information is available on which this e-pharmacy accepts credit cards. There is no precise information about which countries they ship to. They only vaguely mention that some countries in Asia are excluded. This lack of transparency could be a cause for concern.

free shipping, secure ordering, bonus pills

They offer two methods of shipping: Express International Mail and Standard International Mail. Express shipping takes 5-9 business days after dispatch and costs $30, while Standard shipping takes 10-21 days after dispatch and costs $10. However, it’s worth noting that the shipping rates may vary depending on the customer’s location and the size of their order. This discrepancy in information can be confusing and misleading.

While this e-pharmacy may seem legitimate at first glance, the lack of clear information on their website regarding payment and shipping raises some questions. It’s always important to do your research and exercise caution when buying medications online.

Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com Reviews

The testimonial section of this online pharmacy appears to be highly falsified, lacking verification from a third-party rating site or social media platform. The absence of dates and limited information provided, such as only a first name or initial, further raises suspicions. Additionally, popular third-party rating sites do not have any information on this e-pharmacy. Trustpilot is an example where the company has not received a rating.

no reviews


You should steer clear of Rx-CertifiedDrugstore.com when it comes to your medication needs. This e-pharmacy raises more red flags than a bullfight. From questionable services to unreliable medications, it’s a no-go. What’s worse, the company lacks proper licensing and regulatory approvals. Talk about sketchy. All these factors combined make it clear that Rx-CertifiedDrugstore.com is not a trustworthy source. We’ve given it a dismal 20% of trust, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Possible Alternatives

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