RxCanadaPharmacy.com Reviews – Deceitful Statements

Trust Level15%

RxCanadaPharmacy.com is an exceptional online drugstore that sells various medications. It’s a market leader that has outstanding service delivery and products that leaves their clients yearning for more. This is according to the deceitful statements posted on their homepage. These statements drove us to investigate this store into details to unveil more. Our investigations found that the store is annoying, precarious and guileful. Therefore, shopping there entails risking for it’s a fraudulent business entity that shouldn’t attract any shoppers’ attention. Its operations are unacceptable for a site that claims to sell legit prescriptions.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUK, Germany
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameCanadian Neighbor Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionyes

Domain Info

The website has been around for some years now for it was registered in 2014 and lastly updated in 2019 with an expiry date of 2020-06-16. For all those years, this platform has failed to form a strong customer base which insinuates that there’s something fishy going on. Scam websites are unpopular with most shoppers because of their peculiar operations.


Business Profile

RomaniaThe platform looks genuine and trustworthy from the general outlook due to the fact that it’s registered and operational. Plus, looking further on ScamAdviser shows that, it has an 86% trust level rating. Despite the high rating, the independent website has warned that it should not be trusted. It lacks customers’ reviews on independent avenues like TrustPilot whose opinion matters a lot. Most potential customers go through a website clients’ feedbacks page before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, lack of these reviews is a clear sign that there’s much than what catches an eye. The website is also slow loading speed despite being a commercial online pharmacy. Last but not least, the website utilizes an anonymous service that conceals the owner’s identity. Further, there’s uncertainty surrounding the site’s origin for its either UK, Romania, Germany or Canada.

Regulatory Approvals

Being a Canadian website, we expect it to own approvals from the CIPA. However, CIPA only approves legitimate websites that follow the rules and regulations. So far, it has only approved 66 online pharmacies and this pharmacy isn’t on the list. Further, the pharmacy claims to possess licenses from the College of Pharmacists of Ontario and the Department of Health and Human Service. It also claims to be among the high-rated pharmacies by the PharmacyChecker which is untrue. All the licenses, approvals and certificates found on this website are bogus. In fact, the LegitScript has identified it as a rogue website that doesn’t follow the set rules and regulations.


Products and Pricing

medicinesDespite selling a long list of medications that treat various ailments, all of them seems fake. They sell both brand and generic medications that can be counterfeited. Unlike legit websites that insist on age and prescription note, any person can purchase in this store because there aren’t restrictions (a valid doc’s note is not a must). As expected, the drugs are sold at relatively low prices that are way below the current market rates. Most rogue websites have a trend to devaluing their counterfeit products to charm customers.

Payments and Shipping

If a customer insists on purchasing a product from this rogue store, the available modes of payments include:


   Western Union





   American Express

The use of Bitcoins as a payment method is usually associated with the scam websites where the buyer and the seller remains unknown. They ship both locally and internationally at affordable prices. At the moment, they have two shipping methods that include the regular airmail delivery and express courier delivery via USPS. Usually, the courier delivery service is available for the US customers only and it incorporates tracking. Due to this, it’s more expensive than regular mail. Nevertheless, the shipping charges are only displayed when a customer is placing an order.

Delivery Time

It takes 10-21 days for a package to reach a specified address when using the regular mail service and 8-14 days when using the express courier service. It’s important to note that the shipping only takes place during the business days.

Customers’ Feedbacks

There’s a testimonial page on this platform that holds several reviews that don’t seem real. 99% of them are feedbacks on a certain drug known as Zithromax. A new user may think that they only sell that drug. Sound and honest reviews should be all inclusive of the products and services been offered there.

can be fake


In conclusion, this is a rogue website that shouldn’t be enduring at all. Therefore, on a scale of 0 to 100%, we award RxCanadaPharmacy.com a 15% trust level.

Possible Alternatives

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