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The emergence of online pharmacies gave everyone a reason to smile due to the fact that they eliminated a hustle of searching for various pharmacy drugs. Each year, there have been creations of new online drugstores to an intensity of the internet becoming overcrowded. is one of the recently created online pharmacies that we need to analyze. According to the ScamAdviser, it’s more of a scam than a legit website. But are the claims true?

Domain Details
Origin CountryBarbados, US
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameStrap Cart
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingno
Free Shippingfor orders over $249
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardno
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Information

The website’s domain name was registered on 17th February 2018 by the Rebel ltd as indicated by the WhoIs. The expected expiry date is on 17th February 2021. Additionally, its domain status is un-transferrable to any other organization.


Business Profile

This website was created about a year ago in order to provide pharmacy drugs precisely the generic medicines. It was founded by Troy Gray based on the information collected on the website. Some of its owner’s administrative contacts include the street (Port St. Charles unit 308), city (St. Peter), postal code (BB26013), phone (+1.8664973235), and fax (+1.6137061248). Concerning its mother country, there is confusion between Barbados and the United States although web hosting is based in the USA.


Other contact details are:

   [email protected]

   [email protected]

Regulatory Approvals

On the site, they haven’t mentioned whether they possess any licenses or approvals from any regulatory agency. They claim that their drugs are manufactured from India, but they don’t say whether they are approved by the Indian government. The approval status indicates that it’s a rogue website. Also, investigations carried out by the LegitScript have shown that the website has been selling its drugs in the prohibited area.

rogue status

Products and Pricing

The website was created to provide men’s reproduction health products although they offer other products for conditions like hepatitis, diabetes, HIV, eye care and many others. Also, they claim that their products can be sourced from anywhere. Due to this, there is a high probability of selling fake medication. The prices depend on the type of product. For instance, a packet containing several tablets of Tadagra costs $43 while for a packet of Caverta costs $24.


Payment and Shipping

Before the shipping of your selected order can be initiated, payment is paramount. Normally, they have two agreeable modes of payments that include PayPal and wire transfer. They claim that their website is safe and secure when carrying out your transactions although keying in your details means presenting them to an unscrupulous online drugstore. Their shipping methods are undefined although they say that the shipping costs $25. They offer a free delivery service when you place an order of above $249. Nonetheless, before you go to that extent of purchasing such a package, think twice.


Delivery Methods

Their delivery methods and time are all undefined. So, it’s a bit difficult to track or know how much time it will take before you receive your package. Usually, a good online drugstore has a well-formulated shipping and delivery service that a customer can easily comprehend.


can be fake

After clicking on the testimonials page on the site’s homepage, all of their customers give a 5-star rating. Also, all the reviews are escorted by positive messages which are quite unusual for a business website. A genuine website contain complains and recommendations that are based on different customers’ experiences. Further, from the reviews, all the customers award the website a 5-star, yet, the website’s overall rating is 4.5. This proves that they are self-generated and unreliable to any sober shopper. Rogue online pharmacies employ these fake testimonials so that they can woo naive customers to buy their products. After you dig deeper on these testimonials, you will discover that they have been used by other eight websites.


There is much about this online pharmacy that every customer should worry about from the lack of regulatory approvals to sourcing their drugs from any pharmacy. Also, anonymous service is mostly applied by the scoundrel websites whose motive is to dupe their customers. So, obtaining medication from this website is somehow precarious and every customer should avoid it at all cost. Lastly, self-generating the reviews and the rating is likewise misguided. In conclusion, we believe this online store deserves a trust level of 25%.

Possible Alternatives

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  1. I ordered ivecop in oct 2021 didnt come by december, they quickly responded from the invoice email address. They resent and it arrived in 4 weeks, about 2-3 wks later the 1st shipment arrived also. A bonus! Only thing I didnt like was when paying by paypal you send money to an individual so no paypal buyer protection. But they are legit and do respond quickly to email.


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