Reviews – Messy, Vague and Poorly Constructed is an internet pharmacy from the United States. And if you think they look and sound like a scam, it’s because they probably are. However, on paper, they don’t look so bad. They might go so far as to fool a few people with some of the elements in their profile.

Domain Details
Origin CountryNetherlands
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameSun Bed Booster
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Info

registered in 2018The internet pharmacy was created on the 21st of August 2018, which makes them two years old. You have to take two factors into account. First of all, they are quite young. They are not the youngest. However, it is quite difficult to find any information about them.

This can be blamed, not just on their domain age but their low volume of traffic. Secondly, they haven’t attempted to hide their disappointing age by lying about their experience. Many scams make that mistake and it makes them look worse.

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Despite some of their shady attributes, they still secured an impressive rating of 91 percent which can be blamed on their valid SSL Certificate, money-back guarantee, and friendly payment methods.

91% of trust

Their domain has several significant weaknesses, including the low Alexa rank, absent reviews, and anonymous owner. But none of these elements was strong enough to affect their trust rating.

Business Profile

The first thing you have to note is their platform. On the whole, the design isn’t all that impressive. But that isn’t important. Plenty of websites have operated successful online pharmacies despite their ugly platforms.

This one stands out because it has a lot of poorly written content. Not only is the content filled with spelling and grammatical errors but several paragraphs and passages make little to no sense. They have attempted to make all the common promises, including 24/7 customer support, an efficient delivery system, and products that the FDA has vetted.

mostly positive

They have also promised to protect all the details provided by their customers. Admittedly, the fact that they have an SSL certificate supports this claim. However, that doesn’t mean anything where confidentiality is concerned.

They can still choose to sell your data to a third party and they have no way of proving otherwise. Their business address places them in New Jersey in the US. Their decision to publish a business address is commendable.

NetherlandsBut, like everything else, they cannot prove that they have offices in that area. More importantly, they cannot prove that they have offices anywhere. Their competitors have pictures of their premises on their websites that include images of their drugs and employees.

They also do not hesitate to reveal the identities of their pharmacists. This allows you to vet them, not only proving that they are real people but also figuring out whether or not they are qualified to sell medicine.

This store doesn’t offer any such proof. Unfortunately for them, you have no reason to take them at their word. noted that they hadn’t been blacklisted by any website, which is good. But it doesn’t necessarily make them legit.

Regulatory Authorization agrees that the platform isn’t legit. It called them rogue because their profile fell far below its standards.

Available Products

They offer medications that treat diseases in areas like:

male supplement

  Men’s Health

  Hair Loss

  Weight Loss

  Women’s Health

None of the products they sell are accompanied by evidence proving that they have been approved by the FDA. Some of the drugs they send out have different packaging from the pictures on their site.

Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

If you want to make payments, they accept electronic checks, credit cards, and line transfers. The fastest delivery method they offer is express shipping which takes seven to ten days. They also use regular shipping which can take as many as seventeen days.

free delivery

They supposedly work with various suppliers to find the cheapest drugs possible. But you don’t have to believe them. Their products are most likely non-genuine, which is why they are cheap. Reviews and Testimonials

They have only one review. You can find it on It was written by a consumer whose packages were delivered on time.

one review


Their site is too messy and poorly constructed for you to believe that they are a legitimate internet drugstore. For that reason, they get a rating of 30% of trust.

Possible Alternatives

If you want to choose another online pharmacy, you can have a look at the pharmacy rating organized according to the level of our trust in them. This rating is based on our reviews and is available at the following link:

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