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Trust Level25%
25% is a store which claims to be highly professional and sells only top quality pills. They also claim to be selling meds at the lowest possible prices. Many pharmacy sites make such claims, but does this store live up to them? Our review of this business would suggest they don’t, read on to find out why.

Domain Details
Origin CountryChina
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
TelephoneUS: +1-888-524-7141
UK: +44-808-189-1420
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingfor all orders above $200
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Details

The domain name records can often throw up information that the owners of scam online pharmacies would rather you not know.

1 year in business

When looking at the records for this drugstore we can see that they haven’t been in business for very long. Shorter histories, in our experience, frequently point towards the pharmacy being less reliable and trustworthy than you would hope.

The domain name is using a privacy service to keep the owner’s name and contact information out of this record. We can see that a Chinese domain was used to register the address and this makes China the most likely country where this business is located.

Both the hidden contact information and the links to China are things which aren’t great to find. China is associated with the production of a large amount of fake and counterfeit pills so this is a concern.

Business Profile

The store has phone numbers for the US and the UK but fails to give away any information about their business location. This gap in business address details fails to reassure us that they are based anywhere other than in China.

US and UK

There use of phone numbers from the US and the UK doesn’t mean that they have offices in those countries. Anyone anywhere in the world to get phone numbers like these and redirect them to different countries.

Regulatory Approvals

You might expect a reputable and trustworthy business to have regulatory approval for the selling of pills online.


This pharmacy appears to have no such approvals, indicating that they aren’t working to standards which exist to make sure pills are dispensed safely to patients.

LegitScript has looked into the legality of this drugstore and they find that things are very wrong. They give the pharmacy their lowest classification indicating that it isn’t advisable to purchase from them.

Pills Sold by this Pharmacy

This drugstore says they provide both the generic and the better-known brand pills on their site. The bestselling products seem to be men’s health drugs and their prices are very cheap.

men's related drugs with low price

So low are the prices that it raises the risk of fake pills being sold by the store. Added to this is the fact that they fail to provide any details about where the pills are dispensed from which could actually be China. This increases the likelihood that low-quality drugs are offered which could put your health at risk if you choose to order from this pharmacy.

Prescription Requirements

They state that they do not need you to give them a valid prescription. This means that you could order any products from them regardless of whether they are suitable for you. This could lead to serious health complications and speaks to the safety of using this pharmacy site.

Payment and Shipping

They will send you to another website to complete your order transaction. This other website does have some security to make sure financial details aren’t stolen and payment is taken using:

secure payment

  E-check (US only)

 Visa and Mastercard


 Diners Club

 American Express


This drugstore gives you two shipping choices should you decide to make a purchase from them. Airmail costs $10 with delivery in about 3 weeks and courier costs $30 taking around a week but does include a tracking number. Free delivery is provided on orders which total more than $200.

Customer Reviews

A page can be found on the pharmacy for reviews. The comments left on this page seem to show that the store has supplied many happy customers.

not genuine

There are a few problems with these testimonials, however.
One of the problems is the sheer number of comments. The store has amassed over 50 positive comments and this seems unlikely since we know that they have only been in business for less than a year.

As you can see in our example, two of the testimonials are the same. This is perhaps an unfortunate mistake but it shows that little care has gone into the page. Also, many of the testimonials are reviewing a particular drug instead of the store itself. These factors and more point to these comments being fake.


There are many problems with this pharmacy. They don’t follow any regulation, lack any business transparency and use fake customer testimonials. We also don’t know where the meds are dispensed from, which produces a large health risk to anyone relying on the pills. We give this drugstore the low rating of 25%. Avoid this scam pharmacy!

Possible Alternatives

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