Reviews – High Costs is a pharmacy that promises the lowest price guaranteed, and authentic and safe medication. But are the claims made by this pharmacy all that they seem? We take a look at what this pharmacy is doing to help you decide whether you should use them.

Domain Details
Origin CountryUnited States
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameZip Health
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailno
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Name Information

registered in 2018Information found in the domain name database shows that this pharmacy has been online for only a relatively short amount of time. The address was registered in 2018, and this could indicate that the store isn’t as legit as it could be.

Some information is provided about who owns this website in the domain records. This tells us that the store is owned by ZipHealth Services Inc. which is located in Florida. This is the kind of information we would expect to find for this pharmacy, so this is somewhat reassuring.

Business Profile

Checking on the pharmacy website, they do give a business address also in Florida, matching the information found in the domain name database. When we check the address they give, we find it gives the location of small office units in an industrial park.

email, facebook, address, phone number

Though we can’t be completely certain they are operating out of these premises, as it could be a mailbox service.

A second business address is also given. They say that this is their registered company address and it is located in Delaware. When we check, we can see this is the location of Harvard Business Services Inc. which specialize in helping corporations form LLCs. This shows that the pharmacy business is not really located at this address.

Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy provides some information about regulation. They say that they are registered with the Florida Department of Health using their Florida address given on the website.


Checking this claim shows that they are correctly licensed as they should be. This is a very good indication that this pharmacy is genuine and they’re more likely to be safe for customers to use.

When we look at the findings of LegitScript, they confirm that this pharmacy is correctly regulated. Their assessment of the store is that they are certified, meeting the requirements set out by the organization.

Treatments Offered

The pharmacy offers a select range of treatments including:

different dosage


  Hair loss

  Cold sores


  Men’s health

Both brand and generic treatments are available, though their prices are fairly high, even for generic drugs.

Online Consultation

The medication offered by this pharmacy does require a valid prescription, but you do not need to already have one before visiting this store. Instead, you can complete a 2-minute online consultation answering questions about your health.

The answers you give will be reviewed by their US medical team who will recommend a treatment for you and write a prescription. The issuing of the prescription is included in the cost of your medication, however.

Payment and Shipping

The pharmacy site is secure, and you can pay using all major credit cards.

The store gives four options for delivery. The cheapest is USPS First Class which costs $4, and delivery is expected in 3 to 7 business days. USPS Priority takes three or four business days and costs $7.70. USPS Priority Express takes 2 days and costs $26.35. They also offer FedEx Express with delivery in 2 days. All of these options include tracking. Reviews

The pharmacy does not have any reviews on their own website, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, they are collecting customer feedback on Trustpilot.

satisfied customers

The pharmacy has over 1,200 customer reviews, and most people are very happy with the service provided. The pharmacy only has 2% bad reviews, suggesting that they are more likely to be legit and serve their customers well.


While the business contact information for this pharmacy didn’t seem to be perfect, it does certainly appear that the store is operating well for its customers. They are also correctly licensed and require doctor consultations to ensure patients are kept safe.

The biggest downside for this pharmacy is the cost, and though the doctor consultation fee is included in this, the prices are still on the high side. Overall we give them a trust rating of 70%.

Possible Alternatives

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